10 kilos lighter: Daniela Katzenberger appears at the pool – and comments on criticism

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She has lost ten kilos and is now enjoying her slim figure. Now Daniela Katzenberger is lounging in a bikini again and showing off her tight stomach.

Summer is here. Also in Mallorca, where Daniela Katzenberger (37) lives. The cat takes advantage of the nice weather and sunbathes by the pool. Of course, she sends greetings from the edge of the pool to her 2.2 million fans. Her tight belly is especially noticeable after her great success in losing weight.

The Mallorcan woman of choice wearing a pastel colored bikini in a rainbow design that shows off her belly and muscles. Her skin is only minimally protected from the sun and the cat wears huge sunglasses on her nose.

Daniela Katzenberger received hate messages

Last year, Daniela Katzenberger lost 20 pounds and let her followers share her journey to a new figure. But not everyone responded positively to her posts. “Before my diet, I was called ‘fat,'” she once said in an Instagram video. Even after her weight-loss journey, she received hate mail.
Current social media commenters are now criticizing her for her weight: “I thought she was way better before than she is now. Way too skinny.” Katzenberger responded humorously, writing with a laughing emoji: “The moral of the story: There’s always bullying, no matter what your weight.”

Daniela Katzenberger enjoys her sales success

Daniela Katzenberger posted this look in her story.

Daniela Katzenberger posted this look in her story. instagram.com/danielakatzenberger

Especially since she is clearly comfortable with her current figure. She regularly appears in a bikini or during sports. This is also the case in her current story, where fans can see her tight stomach.

What she thinks of some of the comments is also palpable. She recently shared a bikini photo – her comment: “Come on, baby, beach,” the TV star writes and adds: “No, the pants are not getting smaller.” This is also evident from the smiling cartoon face matching the image.

The reactions of her more than 2.2 million followers to the current bikini clip are not publicly visible, since reactions on Instagram stories are only sent via direct message. Whether Daniela Katzenberger shares the reactions with her community is up to her. So far, she has not done so.

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