A Heartbreaking Series Of Events Forced A Last-Minute Black Christmas Recast

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It’s not just the story in “Black Christmas” that’s bone-cold. The film was shot under inhospitably freezing conditions in Canada, which Clark knew would have been dangerously stressful for someone like O’Brien (who had spent 45 minutes just trying to put his coat on when the director met him in a hotel right before production). Calling it “one of the saddest moments of my life,” Clark said he “loved” the actor and had “worked hard to get him for the movie” but realized he would have to replace him.

Fortunately, as Saxon recalled, his last-minute involvement in the movie was an otherwise smooth process. It helped that he was already familiar with the “Black Christmas” script by Roy Moore and had even been mistakenly set to play Fuller before his agent sheepishly informed him that, as it turned out, someone else had previously been hired (namely, O’Brien). “I was disappointed, but oh well,” Saxon admitted. His disappointment didn’t last long, though; a week later, his agent called again and suddenly Saxon was on his way to Toronto, where he was “taken to a hotel and then was driven out to a suburban location to prepare to do the scene in the woods speaking over a Bullhorn, which was finished at about 3 AM.”

You wouldn’t know any of this trouble had gone down from the final film, which tells its bleak and disconcerting tale of Christmastime terror in an assured and confident manner. Do yourself a favor and fire this one up at home on a dark, wintery evening sometime. Just maybe make sure all the doors and windows to your place are locked, lest some nosy intruder get it in their head to try and sneak inside when you’re not looking …


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