AfD district director in Sonneberg: ‘Now we know what the ‘blue miracle’ meant’

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Written By Maya Cantina

The blue wonder of Sonneberg. This is how AfD politician Robert Sesselmann describes his election as district administrator on his website. Sesselmann is the first district administrator nationally the AfDwas elected in a second election in June 2023. On his election posters he demanded a lot: With Russia we must negotiate peace, close the borders and abolish the euro. Clearly, these were largely empty platitudes, as a district administrator has no responsibility for these issues anyway.

The clinic is bankrupt and the school is closing

Today, almost a year after his election, the euro, unsurprisingly, still exists.

But even with the issues for which he is responsible, things are apparently not going as he promised: according to media reports from the “Frankfurter Rundschau”, the district in southern Thuringia is on the brink financially and has been in a budget consolidation since April ended up. Radical cuts must now be made. One important reason: the Regiomed clinics, an important employer in the region, have filed for bankruptcy. During the election campaign, Sesselmann campaigned with the slogan: “Preserve clinics”, and after his victory his authority pumped millions into the clinic group – without success.

Maintaining the clinics is not the only election promise that the 51-year-old could not keep. For example, the primary school in the Mengersgereuth-Hämmern district, for which many residents campaigned until recently, must now finally close. A year ago, Sesselmann promised to maintain the school.

According to reports in the local media, there is also a lot of dissatisfaction about the closure of the dilapidated country road between Steinach and Lauscha. For months, residents had to take a 15-mile detour. Sesselmann was unable to implement the plans for an improvised route.

“We are not the World Social Bureau!”

His record on the refugee issue – a core theme of his election campaign – is also poor. At the time, Sesselmann called for the immediate deportation of “criminal and rejected asylum seekers.” Because, as a flyer for the second election in June 2023 stated: ‘We are not the World Social Bureau, refugees.’ should only receive benefits in kind instead of money. The result: they had According to information from “Spiegel”, the Sonneberg district will be (for now) from January to June 2023. CDU(Mann was in office as district administrator), 74 asylum seekers and Ukrainians were admitted, after six months Sesselmann had already received 134. His supporters certainly imagined it differently.

In November, Sesselmann’s faction submitted a motion to the district council claiming that the Sonneberg district was “collapsed” due to “unbridled mass immigration”. The group called, among other things, to ban foreigners from participating in public gatherings and to set minimum deportation numbers. According to “strict” information, Sesselmann has not implemented any of this and the parliamentary group has withdrawn the proposal.

Many locals were particularly shocked when their district administrator surprisingly wanted to withdraw funding for the civil society “Partnership for Democracy.” However, after protests from the youth welfare committee, he relented. “That was a shocking moment for everyone involved,” said Christian Tanzmeier, CDU member of the Sonneberg district council, “sternly.” The money will be used, among other things, to support the youth forum, which organizes youth trips to the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial and meetings between young people and contemporary witnesses of escape and deportation. “This program has long been a thorn in the side of the AfD here in Sonneberg,” said Tanzmeier.

“Now we know what the ‘blue miracle’ meant.”

The frustration among the residents of Sonneberg is visibly increasing. “Yes, Love Friends, we are now experiencing our blue miracle…’ it says on the Facebook page ‘Sonneberg against Nazis’. ‘The Sonneberg district is in the process of budget consolidation and is therefore effectively bankrupt, the Medios clinics are insolvent, the school in Meng.-Hammering was closed, the funding for clubs wanted to be abolished and the increased district levy is putting the communities in the district in financial need. Our district #Sonneberg is doing very well.

The users blame district administrator Sesselmann for the misery. It continues: “We would therefore like to thank our district administrator #Sesselmann (#AfD) for his excellent work. NOT! As a reminder, district administrator Sesselmann (AfD) had the following topics in his election campaign: maintaining the school, setting up the district budget, securing the clinic. Now we also know what the ‘blue miracle’ meant.”

People would have liked to know how Sesselmann responded to the criticism and how he assessed the problems mentioned. But he left an online question from FOCUS unanswered.

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