After Sydney Sweeney Dating Rumors, Glen Powell Opens Up About The Challenges Of Having A Relationship In Hollywood And What Would Make Him ‘Really Happy’

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Glen Powell’s career has been skyrocketing ever since he became part of the Top Gun: Maverick cast. Following the success of the action film, he returned to his rom-com roots by co-starring with Sydney Sweeney in the 2023 movie schedule’s Anyone But You. However, his personal life seemingly hasn’t been as much of a feel-good romance since the false rumors about him and his co-star dating came up, and he and his ex-girlfriend Gigi Paris broke up. Now, following the rumors about him and Sweeney, Powell opened up about the challenges of relationships in Hollywood and what would make him “really happy.”

It’s not easy dating when you’re in the public eye. Reporters, paparazzi, and social media users love to jump to conclusions and post their speculations for the whole world to see. While speaking to Bustle, Glen Powell, who went through a breakup with Paris a few months ago, spoke openly about the advice he was given to help him get through this hard time.

I’ve been talking to some people in my life and they’re like, ‘Glen, you’re a single guy. I know you’re trying to do all the right things in all the right ways, but you just have to embrace that those failures will be a little more public, a little more hurtful than maybe most people, maybe a little more embarrassing, but it’s OK. But when you’re going to fall, and you will inevitably fall in love, it’ll work.’

It’s true that public breakups can be very hurtful when everyone is involved in your business. I can imagine the healing process being difficult when celebrities are asked for a quote on how they’re doing instead of getting space. 

Rumors that Glen Powell was dating his Anyone But You co-star, Sydney Sweeney, started when Gigi Paris unfollowed The White Lotus star on social media. Then not long after, Paris and Powell broke up. Naturally, fans speculated the trouble in paradise was due to a scandalous affair being revealed, however, it was just a rumor.

Starring in rom-coms like Set It Up and Anyone But You has allowed Glen Powell to examine what love is. After looking into a study, he explained what he discovered about different romantic relationships:

There’s this study where they were talking about the difference between cornerstone and capstone relationships. Cornerstone relationships are where you get married young and you grow together so the relationship is the cornerstone of that. Then there’s capstone relationships, where you become two separate strong people, and the marriage is the capstone. They were talking about what is more viable in terms of longevity. And the truth is there’s no difference, right? Love is unpredictable and you don’t know what’s going to have an expiration date and what’s not.

The Hitman actor is absolutely right about that. There’s no way to predict if two people are going to be together forever no matter how long they’ve known each other. Life events change people, and you have to hope both can grow together with the changes. When asked about his alleged romance with his Anyone But You co-star, Glen Powell said he found it “disorienting and unfair” how public his personal life has become. But, he’s accepted that it’s part of the job. 

A source told People that Powell and Paris reportedly had relationship issues since Top Gun: Maverick came out, and they couldn’t handle their careers keeping them long distance. Right now, the Texas native’s new love interest is in the form of a cute pupper named Brisket. Fortunately, the 35-year-old actor is not down on love and he thanked his parents, who’ve been together for 40 years, for giving him hope.

It’s really fun to see your parents be romantic. I know that sounds weird, but they’re goofy and really fun. If I could have what my parents have, I’d be really, really happy.

It was challenging for Glen Powell’s relationship to stay afloat because of the demanding careers of him and his then-girlfriend. Not to mention, I’m sure those dating rumors about him and Sydney Sweeney didn’t make things simple either. 

Dating in Hollywood may be challenging. But if you take a look at the most Googled celebrity couples, there are many still going strong in Hollywood. It’s all about being patient and having faith you’ll find the right person someday. 

You can add the 2023 movie release of Anyone But You to your watchlist, and catch it in theaters on December 22nd.


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