After Video Of Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Crash Went Viral, The LAPD Is Apparently Investigating

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Multitalent Michael B. Jordan has a booming career, as both a bankable film star and, thanks to Creed III, filmmaker. But the 36 year-old Black Panther icon recently made headlines for something other than his work. Specifically, Jordan crashed his blue Ferrari into a crashed car weeks ago. And after video of the crash went viral, the LAPD is apparently investigating. Let’s break it all down.

The incident occurred a few weeks ago, as his Ferrari reportedly crashed into a parked Kira Niro SUV. There’s been some chatter about what caused the crash, and another driver indicated that he was racing Jordan on the streets with his own Ferrari. Per a new report by TMZ, the LAPD is investigating whether or not Jordan was in fact racing his car. And once they’ve conducted their own investigation, they’ll reportedly reach out to the actor himself about his version of the events.

According to this report, Jordan didn’t offer too much information when he spoke to officers on the scene of the crash. Now the question is whether the investigation will find any possible fault with the Creed star. If so, prosecutors will likely be able to charge Jordan with some sort of crime. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Fortunately, no one was harmed as a result of this incident. Jordan crashed into a car that was empty and parked, which is definitely a silver lining in what could have been a much more serious crash. Although we’ll have to see if comments provided by the other driver have an affect on the ongoing investigation.

As previously mentioned, the other driver broke their silence just days ago, telling ET how things allegedly escalated between him and Jordan on the night of the crash. He shared that they pulled up together, and started revving engines and honking before taking off. They were previously quoted saying:

We weren’t exactly side by side, so he was a little bit behind me, maybe I want to say like a foot. When you’re in those types of cars … sometimes it’s hard to see. We were revving engines, but we weren’t going fast at all. But those cars, like I said, they take off fast. So, if you hit the pedal you’re gonna [go] zero to 60 [miles per hour] in like two seconds. So we’re revving our engines, and then once we honked the horns, you know, I started picking up speed, probably going about 45 to 50 [miles per hour]. I look back and he wasn’t there anymore. So, then I slowed down.

This other driver didn’t seem to pass any judgment on Michael B. Jordan, and shows how quickly things can escalate when behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle. It remains to be seen how the investigation shakes out, and how it might affect upcoming movie releases that the actor might be attached to.

If thing escalate and go to court, it should be interesting to see how this crash might affect Michael B. Jordan’s career. We already know that Creed 4 is happening, with him presumably both in front and behind the camera. 

The stakes feel high given the actor/director’s thriving career, as he led the cast of Creed III on top of making his directorial debut. In strange timing, this crash incident occurs as co-star Jonathan Majors is facing his own legal battle. We’ll just have to wait and see how each of these situations play out.


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