Alleged stab in the arm: Chrupalla fails in court

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Written By Maya Cantina


After an alleged stab in the arm during an election campaign event in Ingolstadt last year, AfD party spokesman Tino Chrupalla failed in his attempt to enforce a court decision. Chrupalla’s application was inadmissible, the report said Higher Regional Court of Munich of. Among other things, he did not meet the formal requirements.

The decision of the higher regional court cannot be appealed. The Public Prosecution Service had previously stopped investigating the case because no suspicion of a crime could be proven.

Chrupalla said she felt a twinge during the Oct. 4 event and complained of pain, dizziness and nausea. However, all tests performed for possible poisoning were negative. An injury caused by a stranger cannot be completely ruled out, but the investigation has not yielded any concrete evidence, the prosecutor said.

Chrupalla then appealed unsuccessfully and now tried to obtain a court decision in the case with a request for legal action.

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