Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunited With Danny DeVito To Catch His Broadway Show, And It’s Giving Me Hope For Twins 2 Again

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Written By Maya Cantina

Thirty-five years ago, Ivan Reitman’s Twins was the movie that ruled the holiday season box office. It featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito playing unlikely brothers, and the comedy became a smash hit. This December, DeVito and his daughter, Lucy, starred in I Need That on Broadway and, surprisingly enough, Schwarzenegger attended the show to support his former co-star. Not only was the reunion sweet, but it also has me feeling hopeful about Twins 2 finally happening. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to share a picture that showed him alongside Danny and Lucy DeVito on the stage set for I Need That. (The production opened in New York City’s Todd Haimes Theatre back in October and is set to close its over three-month run on Saturday night, December 30.) Check out The Terminator actor’s post: 

The former bodybuilder called DeVito his “brother” before gushing about the production, calling it “one of the best plays” he’d ever seen along. He also referred to it as a “true spectacle with heart.” The actor and former governor capped off the sweet post by sharing that he “can’t wait to work together again,” which, of course, instantly reminds me of the pair’s long-gestating Twins sequel, tentatively titled Triplets, which was going to initially bring Eddie Murphy into the mix when it began development in 2012. In 2021, 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan was reportedly set to replace Murphy as Ivan Reitman got ready to direct the sequel. But then, in February 2022, Reitman unexpectedly died at the age of 75, sending the threequel back to the drawing board. 

Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger did update fans on Triplets, sharing that they were making the decision about whether to “look into a different director” or pull the plug on the Twins sequel. In November, DeVito told Variety  that he felt like the pair “missed Twins 2” when they didn’t make it years ago, before teasing that himself and Schwarzenegger “have a little thing going” that they’ve been chatting about instead. Either way, it sounds like the pair of Twins stars are anxious to work with each other again after having not done so since 1994’s Junior.

I’m, of course, very curious about what project the actors are currently talking about when there was clearly some development underway for Triplets before Ivan Reitman’s death. I can imagine the director’s passing could put a damper on their interest in making the movie, especially given how close the stars were with the beloved director. Still, even after a decade of the project being in development hell, it would be so amazing if Triplets really did come to fruition. 

No matter what though, it’s great to see the two leading men reunite by way of Arnold Schwarzenegger supporting the DeVitos on Broadway. It’s also wonderful to see both of them still being quite successful well into their 70s. Twins remains one of Schwarzenegger’s best movies, and here’s hoping the comedy icons do in fact get back together! Also, if you can’t make DeVito’s final two performances on Broadway, you can currently hear his voice in one of 2023’s new movie releases, Migration, which is now in theaters. 


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