Austrian Airlines: Austria has hail flights investigated by Austrian Airlines

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A government agency Austria investigates it memorable flight of an Austrian Airlines aircraft through a hailstorm. The Lufthansa subsidiary announced this after various media previously reported about it. Last weekend, a storm destroyed the nose of the Airbus A320 during its descent into Vienna and severely damaged the cockpit windows. The crew sent out a distress signal, but were able to land safely.

After the incident, the question arose as to why the plane drove through the hail. According to its own information, Austrian air traffic control Austro Control had the time period and flight area of ​​the flight originating from Mallorca Austrian airlines

(AUA) pointed out the risk of thunderstorms with hail. According to Austro Control, the responsibility for the chosen route lies with the pilots.

According to the AUA, the flight crew stated that the storm cell was not visible on the weather radar. “We ask for your understanding that we do not comment on ongoing investigations and are awaiting the results of the investigation,” the company said in response to a request from news agency dpa.

Flight crew temporarily out of service

An internal investigation by Austrian Airlines is already underway. In addition, the Austrian Safety Research Center has initiated an external audit, the airline said. The AUA did not comment on reports that the captain was not in the cockpit during the descent and left the controls to a less experienced co-pilot. “Both people are highly experienced in their roles, both in terms of total flight hours and in terms of flight hours on the A320 aircraft,” the company emphasizes.

The AUA said the flight crew was relieved for about a week, as is usual after such cases. After evaluating the flight data and initial findings, special training or education for the crew can be planned. After these steps, the pilots would participate in flight operations again.

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