Bereaved J6 Parent Ed Lang Protests Outside DC Courthouse After 3 Years of His Son’s Incarceration Without Trial – And Now His Son Has Gone Missing in the System (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

J6 Parent Ed Lang protests corrupt Biden Regime after his son who has been held in prison for 3 years without trial goes missing in the prison system.

US Marshals transferred J6 political prisoners Ryan Samsel and Jake Lang from the DC Gulag earlier this month to an undisclosed location, and no one knows where they are.

Jail guards forced Samsel and Lang to adhere to a temperature check around 7 pm the night before their move, a typical indication that within hours, any semblance of normalcy would be torpedoed, and they would be mysteriously transferred to another jail in another state.

At approximately 4 am in the morning, Samsel and Lang were chained and shackled in black box cuffs and thrown on a bus and were provided no information about where they would be taken.

The two high-profile January 6 defendants could be transferred to any jail across the United States or even housed in a maximum security prison at the BOP’s discretion.

J6 political prisoner Jake Lang was arrested on January 16th, 2021, and remains incarcerated without bail or trial for over THREE YEARS now.

On January 6, 2021 Jake attended the protest and rally in Washington DC because he believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Jake was one in a million Trump supporters who turned out that day to hear President Trump speak at the Ellipse in Washington DC.

Later that day, Jake walked to the US Capitol, where he was gassed and trampled when Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs. Jake was nearly killed.

Jake save Philip Anderson’s life that day from the horrific abuse by Capitol Police after Philip was knocked out under a pile of bodies the police pushed on top of him.

Now Jake is sitting behind bars without trial – and it is not clear where the regime is holding him.  The Biden regime hates this man, Jake Lang, because he continues to speak out on his innocence and refuses to bow down to this abusive administration.

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On Wednesday, Jake Lang’s father took action after three years of seeing his only son abused horribly by the Biden regime.

Ed Lang stood outside the Fairman Federal Courthouse in Washington DC on behalf of his son who is now lost in the prison system.

Ed Lang: Out here protesting in front of the Fairman Federal Courthouse in Washington DC on behalf of my son and every other J6er for the inequitable unlawful political persecution of these poor J6 patriots and their families. So it’s about time we got off our sofas, get out of the house, get out to the streets, and peacefully protest. Hold these judges accountable, hold the DOJ accountable, the FBI accountable… Any citizen can be picked up off the street now and held like my son, for three years and six days as a supposed pretrial detainee held by the regime. And so I urge everyone to get out and stand up, and take this country back peacefully.

This is something we are used to reading about in Castro’s Cuba – NOT in the United States.

It’s time American’s wake up and stand up against this abuse – before it’s too late.


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