Bitcoin (BTC) Macro Index Surge Signals Double Pump, Says Top Analyst

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Written By Maya Cantina

Tue, 19/03/2024 – 14:55

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) latest performance indicators have sparked considerable attention from both investors and analysts alike. Amid a surprising downturn, renowned crypto analyst Willy Woo has taken to social media to share insights that could signal a bold new direction for the digital currency.


According to Woo, the current surge in Bitcoin’s Macro Index may not only suggest a recovery on the horizon but could potentially herald a unique “double pump” cycle, reminiscent of the patterns observed in 2013. Woo’s prediction came amid a tumultuous time for Bitcoin, following a recent crash that saw the cryptocurrency’s value take a significant hit.

Just days after achieving a new all-time high (ATH) of $73,835, Bitcoin experienced a sharp decline, with its value plummeting to $63,124, marking a 7.46% decrease over the last 24 hours. This downturn has taken many by surprise, especially considering the momentum Bitcoin had been gaining in the lead-up to its latest peak.

Silver lining for Bitcoin

Despite the immediate concerns this crash has raised among investors, Woo’s analysis offers a silver lining. His tweet suggested that the market may see Bitcoin’s top by mid-2024 and a second top in 2025. This prospect of a double-pump cycle, where Bitcoin could see not one, but two major surges in its value, is a scenario that has historically been rare but not without precedent.

The current market sentiment, despite the crash, remains cautiously optimistic. Many analysts and investors are interpreting this recent downturn as a healthy correction within the market. Some have even termed it a “pre-halving retracement,” in anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event slated for April.

Such events have traditionally led to significant price movements for Bitcoin, adding another layer of anticipation and speculation around its future value. The halving, a predetermined event that occurs approximately every four years, will see the reward for mining new blocks halved, thus reducing the rate at which new coins are generated. This scarcity effect has, in the past, led to increased prices as demand outstrips supply.


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