Bones’ Booth Always Carried Three Specific Items In His Pockets Throughout The Series

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The craps dice were there to let Booth release nervous energy surrounding his addiction. While it’s never obvious on camera, one can assume that Boreanaz would occasionally reach into his pockets and fiddle with the dice during his character’s more nervous scenes. 

The third item Boreanaz carried in his pockets was a St. Christopher medal, a symbol of his Roman Catholic faith. St. Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travel, and figurines of the Saint can still be seen sitting on the car dashboard of devout Catholics to this day. Christopher’s visage also frequently appears on medals, worn by travelers. The story of Christopher’s patronage comes from the legend that he offered to carry an infant child across a river, an act he committed safely. At the end of the journey, it was revealed that the child he carried was, in fact, Jesus Christ. Christopher can be seen carrying the Christ child throughout Catholic iconography. He’s one of the more salable saints, and many adherents carry medals of him. 

While this isn’t a totem that Boreanaz carried on set, it’s still a fun piece of trivia: according to the Hollywood Reporter, Boreanaz and Deschanel had developed a subtle code for when they were getting on each other’s nerves. They were good friends off-set, but working together could get to be overwhelming, so when they felt like they needed to stay away from each other for a brief spell, one would send the other a can of Diet Coke. Deschanel doesn’t drink Diet Coke, hence the message was clear. Boreanaz did this more playfully, though, than anything.


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