Border Crisis Overflows Shelters in Detroit, Activists Call on Residents to Take Illegals Into Their Homes

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Written By Maya Cantina

New York and Chicago are not the only cities in America that are overflowing with illegal border crossers. In Detroit, there are so many people arriving that the city’s shelters are full.

Activists in the city are now calling on residents to take illegals into their homes.

Political leaders have tried this in other places, like Massachusetts. It doesn’t work. It’s awful for the government to ask this of people. The tax paying residents didn’t cause the problem, Washington did.

Breitbart News reports:

Biden’s Migrant Crisis Overflows Tax-Funded Shelters in Detroit, Sends Migrants to Private Homes

Joe Biden’s border crisis has sent so many illegal border crossers to Detroit that activists are calling on members of their community to step up to house them in their private homes.

The African Bureau for Immigration and Social Affairs — an NGO that settles and cares for African migrants trying settle in the U.S. — is heading up the effort to find places for illegals to shelter in the Motor City. The group’s founder, Senegalese native Seydi Starr, told the Detroit News that Detroit has been working since last year to implement a support network for illegals. And this year the crisis is worse than ever.

“We’ve been calling on administrators. … We have seen the lack of supportive services for that specific community primarily working with Black immigrants,” Starr said, according to the paper. “… We have been working to secure the understanding that these people are here, and something needs to be done about it.”…

“Community members have been picking people off the street and taking them into their own homes. Whether it is a Senegalese community, Mauritania folks, Haitian, whoever,” Starr said, “Some people have 12, 18, 20 people in their homes.

This is a potential disaster. Detroit tends to get pretty cold in winter.

No one should have to take strangers into their home. It’s not right for our leaders to even ask this of people.


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