Call to federal and state politicians: protect children from right-wing violence

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Written By Maya Cantina

The states discuss asylum policy with Olaf Scholz. Migrant organizations call for strengthening the fight against justice.

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Wants more deportations: Chancellor Scholz before the summit of the federal state during a cabinet meeting on June 19 Photo: Liesa Johannssen/Reuters

BERLIN taz | More than fifty migrant and human rights organizations are calling on politicians to better protect children against racist violence. It is important to create an environment “in which all children, regardless of their origin, can grow up free from fear and discrimination,” the report says. the callan initiative of the Federal Conference of Migrant Organizations (BKMO).

That’s the background suspected racist attack from young people to two girls and their father with a Ghanaian migration background in Grevesmühlen. The prime ministers will arrive on Thursday with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).At the same time, the Ministers of the Interior meet the Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD).

The call says that as the number of racist and anti-Semitic attacks increases, “public debate increases dominated by issues such as illegal immigration and abuse of social services“. This promotes “a climate of normalization of right-wing extremist attitudes and violence.” Numerous individuals also signed the call, including many federal and state parliamentarians from the Greens and the SPD.

To counter racist violence, calls are made for strengthening law enforcement, dismantling right-wing extremist networks and improving access to psychosocial support for those affected. Educational projects and the promotion of democratic initiatives should also strengthen social awareness of the issue of anti-racism.

The top of the federal states continues to work on the shift to the right

In fact, Thursday’s federal state summit will mainly focus on further tightening asylum policy. For example, there is talk of the possibility of moving asylum procedures to non-European third countries, as Britain and Italy are planning. The Union at federal and state level insists that such plans are also implemented in Germany. Chancellor Scholz will present a test report assessing the feasibility of such plans.

Over the past year, the federal government had already agreed to significantly tighten the EU asylum system, appointing new so-called “safe countries of origin” in Georgia and Moldova and worsening conditions for asylum seekers in Germany.

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