Cameron Diaz May Be Fully Un-Retired After All, And Her Next Collab May Be With Keanu Reeves

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Only a couple of years after Cameron Diaz voiced the idea that she might not have what it takes to devote her energy to making movies again, she came out of acting retirement to join Jamie Foxx in Netflix’s action-comedy Back in Action. Now, it looks she’s putting to rest questions about re-retiring, as Diaz is reportedly set for another new high-profile movie, and this one would reunite her with A+ former co-star Keanu Reeves. Excellent! [Air-guitars whatever the Feeling Minnesota‘s main theme is.)

All the finalized details are still being worked out, but Cameron Diaz is set to co-lead the dark comedy Outcome, which will be the next directorial effort from Jonah Hill, according to Deadline. Hill also co-wrote the screenplay with Ezra Woods. The movie is being developed through Apple Studios, meaning it will likely be exclusive to those with Apple TV+ subscriptions after a likely theatrical run, a concept that didn’t even exist at the time when she retired post-Annie in 2014.

In Outcome, Reeves (who is still in final negotiations himself) will portray a disgraced Hollywood star at the center of an extortion plot involving some mysterious video footage. The actor must face off against the demons of his past in order to move forward and find redemption. And it’s another Reeves character rocking a top-notch name, as he’ll be dubbed “Reef.” I can only hope his last name is “Calypso” or “Doffer-Duggan” or something equally unique. 

At this point, no info was revealed about what Diaz’s role would be, but one can only assume it’s something awesome for it to become the second movie of her acting comeback. Maybe working with Hill on this project will eventually land her a role opposite the actor-filmmaker in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Grateful Dead biopic. She did co-star in Gangs of New York, after all.

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But before any of that might happen, let’s celebrate Cameron Diaz potentially sharing the screen again with Keanu Reeves. They initially played love interests under duress in 1996’s Feeling Minnesota from writer-director Steven Baigelman. In that flick, Reeves (whose name there was Jjacks, with two Js) and Vincent D’Onofrio played ne’er-do-well brothers both pining for and lusting after Diaz’s character. 

Admittedly, Feeling Minnesota didn’t exactly move a lot of dials at the time of its release, and is something of a footnote for both at that point in their respective careers, with 1994’s Speed and The Mask launching each to superstardom. I can only imagine Outcome will be a better project in comparison, given where both Diaz and Reeves are now, both as actors and as people. I.E. They’re both awesome and adorable, and I want them in all the things. So don’t bork this, Jonah Hill.

For all that Cameron Diaz stepped away from the world of scripted acting, she certainly hasn’t stopped entertaining fans over the years. She’s continued her work as a bestselling author, with 2016’s aging-focused The Longevity Book, and her health-related interests also resulted in investments in startups and other businesses, such as her own organic wine brand Avaline, which she co-founded with Katherine Power.

Diaz has popped up more often on the small screen in recent years as well, from talk show spots on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Hart to Heart and The Kelly Clarkson Show to her guest-judge appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7 to popping up in the mini-documentary Nicki Minaj: Queen of Rap.

Outcome likely won’t make it through the production process in time to hit the 2024 movie schedule, but hopefully everything comes together quickly enough. And then if that long-awaited sequel to The Holiday were to come together, it would be cause for more air guitar.


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