Canada: MP Exposes Metadata Behind ‘Anonymous Letters’ Supporting Speaker Greg Fergus

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Written By Maya Cantina

Greg Fergus, Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada.

Greg Fergus, Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada, is under fire after filming a video for the Ontario Liberal convention clad in his Speaker’s robes.  There are calls for his resignation, as the role is meant to be impartial.

There have been demands from Conservative and Bloc Québécois committee members that Fergus resign, claiming he has lost the confidence of both parties.

On Monday, Fergus appeared before the procedure and House Affairs committee ahead of potential disciplinary action.

Liberal MP Sherry Romanado told Fergus the committee had received anonymous letters “supporting you.”

Romanado said, “You’re probably not aware of that, but late last night, many members of [the] PROC [committee] received letters supporting you in your role as Speaker.”

But, according to Conservative committee member Eric Duncan, the anonymous supportive letters weren’t so anonymous.  
After an analysis of the metadata associated with the letters, which were sent by email, Duncan claims they came from Liberal politicians, not members of the public. 
Duncan asked for a point of order and shared, “Wondering, just in reference to Miss Romanado’s comments about..she references some emails we received last night, including the members of PROC’s personal parliamentary emails.”
“I’m looking for unanimous consent if I could table those two letters that were provided to us by email last night…and also including in that a copy of the metadata from both of those.”
“When you open up the Microsoft Word document, you can actually go and see who the original authors of those two were.  I’d like to table not only the letters but, along with each, that the author of the one letter dated yesterday came from a Liberal-appointed Senator, Senator Andrew Cardozo.” 
“And it also, in the second letter, I’d like to not only table the letter, but the metadata that shows that the author of that original letter was a former liberal member of Parliament,  Frank Baylis.”
Duncan shared on X, “Liberals wanted everyone watching to know that members of our committee received ‘anonymous letters’ supporting Greg Fergus as Speaker.”
“Unfortunately, the metadata evidence shows that these letters were written by a Liberal appointed Senator and a former Liberal MP.”
Duncan shared two screenshots of what appear to be the two senders, Andrew Cardozo and Frank Baylis.
Image: @EricDuncanSDSG/X
Image: @EricDuncanSDSG/X


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