China and Taiwan: Numerous fighter jets entered Taiwan’s air defense zone

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Written By Maya Cantina

China has 62 fighter jets on the way Taiwan shipped – and therefore more within one day than ever before this year. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced this. 47 of the planes are there Taiwan The air defense zone has been penetrated. The previous highest number of 45 aircraft was recorded on May 15.

On Thursday, China’s People’s Liberation Army began a two-day military exercise around Taiwan, apparently intended to simulate a blockade of the island. Military spokesman Li Xi said on Friday (local time) that the exercise would test the “ability to jointly seize power, carry out joint attacks and control key areas”. Taiwan condemned the exercises as a provocation.

Show of power after the inauguration of the Taiwanese president

The two-day exercise took place three days after the inauguration of Taiwan’s new President Lai Ching-te. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the presidential elections in January. The party stands for a course that is critical of China. At his inauguration as head of state on Monday in the capital Taipei, Lai emphasized the independence of the democratically ruled island republic. The ruling Communist Party Beijing accuses the DPP of separatism.

China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, even though independent and democratically elected governments have been in power there for decades. The leadership in Beijing has already threatened several times to unite the island, which has more than 23 million inhabitants, and the mainland – if necessary by military means. In addition to the armed forces’ regular exercises, fighter jets fly to Taiwan almost every day to demonstrate the military might of the People’s Liberation Army.

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