Chris Evans Was Very Adamant About One Thing When It Came To Captain America

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Evans truly understood that Steve Rogers was Captain America long before he took the Super Soldier Serum and he made the request to “Captain American: The First Avenger” screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to underline that point in Rogers’ origin story. Markus revealed this in a 2021 interview with Yahoo:

“He was very conscious of not wanting snark. It was a very good understanding of Captain America, which is that if this guy’s going to fly as a character and as an authority figure, eventually, he’s got to have the gravity right away, no matter what the situation. Which is what we all came to realize, that Steve Rogers was born Captain America, he just didn’t have the body for it. And Evans got that. I think he may have taken a joke or two out is what I remember.”

It’s very possible there was another reason for Evans wanting to tone down the snark and that was to differentiate Rogers from his previous comic book roles. Yes, everyone remembers his Johnny Storm from the Fox “Fantastic Four” films, but he was also in the comic adaptation “The Losers,” in which he played another jokester smart aleck. 

So, his instincts as a performer and creative were right on the money, and the boy scout version of Captain America ended up not only working, but becoming the heart of “The Infinity Saga.” Good job, Cap!


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