Climate crisis, Israel and giving up: happy surrender everyone!

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Written By Maya Cantina

Apparently our lives are worth nothing to us as humanity. Or at least not the lives of our children, who should be burned, the brats.

A climate protester sits on the street while a group of children walk past him.

Saving the climate for the future Photo: Fritz Engel/zen archive agency

It’s been buzzing in my head all week: “If you think: fuck it all, what’s next? Surrender, surrender – scoff.” I was never one Tocotronic-Fan. Or: I was a fan in theory. Everything about the Hamburger Boys was right and good, the lyrics of course.

But the strumming guitars, the noisy voices, the incredibly booming melodies, the complete lack of bass, groove, soul – my heart, brain and hips always fell asleep immediately. But times are bitter – and somehow their hit ‘Capitulation’ has grown on me recently.

After the European elections I desperately needed to go to bed and never get up again. For what? Humanity will not meet the global warming target of 1.5, 2.5 or 3 degrees.

Just hide everything beautiful

Apparently our lives are worth nothing to us as humanity. Or at least not the lives of our children, who should be burned, the brats. Then there is peace.

My therapist must have felt the same way I feel now during my worst phases of depression: sitting across from someone who can’t see the beauty and uniqueness of life, and who is willing to block it all out for the familiar and worthless. Unlike me, he never capitulated – luckily for me.

Although sometimes giving up is the right thing to do. Because fighting won’t get you anywhere right now. Like the group of eight climate activists around Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, who went on hunger strike to force Chancellor Olaf Scholz to say the obvious: that we are in the middle of the climate crisis. Shortly before the hundredth day of refusing food, they gave up. Fine. And It is of course true that Scholz cannot allow himself to be blackmailedeven for a good cause.

But it is also true that he and the entire traffic light have completely capitulated to the issue of climate protection or to their task of overcoming their differences on how to achieve some common ‘what’s’.

Hatred of Israel – er, sorry – criticism of Israel

But perhaps there are far fewer general principles than I always thought. For example, I grew up with the conviction that in Germany there is not only an official but also a socially anchored state reason when it comes to solidarity with Israel.

After reading “When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit” – about twenty years before Angela Merkel put it that way – I couldn’t imagine anything else. In the meantime, a creeping reinterpretation is taking place discursively: the state’s speech is increasingly becoming an annoying chain, a handbrake on hatred of Israel – er, excuse me – on criticism of Israel.

This is nothing other than capitulation to any real understanding of how anti-Semitism works – and how it reproduces itself, also and precisely because ‘we’ as good Germans no longer want to be fascists.

Heated sentiment against Israel

Surrender because there is no other way to explain why so many see themselves as anti-fascists and at the same time are eager to criticize Israel (and its undoubtedly ultra-right and fatal government) and not openly fascist organizations like Hamas or the Iranian regime?

In that regard, I am of course happy that they are doing that Berlin’s CDU and SPD factions show the downward-facing red triangle, which has appeared again and again recently in the context of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. After all, it is not a symbol of peace and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, but a symbol used by Hamas to mark attack locations.

But I’m not kidding myself. Just like the pending AfD ban, this action also comes far too late. This will no longer contain an agitated, heated social movement. On the contrary. Every attempt seems to lead only to more protest and never to reconsideration. So with that in mind: Happy Surrender!

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