CNN’s Jake Tapper Surprised by Biden’s ‘Stunning Admission’ About His 2024 Campaign

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Written By Maya Cantina

Joe Biden is even shaking up his cronies at CNN.

The 46th president’s statement to Democrat donors on Tuesday that he might not even be seeking re-election if former President Donald Trump took over the country’s political conversation as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

And at the Democratic bastion of CNN, the effect might not have been what Biden and his re-election team were hoping for.

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. But we cannot let him win,” Biden said at a Boston fundraiser, according to the New York Post.

To be clear, taking Biden at his word is always hazardous. “Joey Baby” lies about as easily as he breathes when it comes to public speaking, whether it’s because he’s got a deliberate goal in mind or because his addled brains can no longer separate fact from fiction.

In this case, Biden might have been trying to recreate a “Corn Pop” moment for his followers, where the hero of the story is the only one able to take down the Threat to Democracy. Weary old Cincinnatus would just love to go back to his farm, but duty calls.

It was the kind of self-mythologizing Biden has built a career on.

But at CNN anyway, the words had the opposite effect, with longtime host Jake Tapper calling it a “stunning admission” from the president and a panel of Tapper’s guests coming about as close as a CNN guest can to mocking the man in the Oval Office.

“Is this the kind of admission a candidate should be making?” Tapper asked on Tuesday’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

For David Chalian, CNN’s political director, the line — which Tapper called an “incredibly candid admission” — was poorly thought out at best.

While Biden might truly believe he is the best Democrat to beat Trump, Chalian said, the former president hasn’t even sewn up the Republican nomination yet.

“What if Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee? Does that mean President Biden is going to reconsider his re-election effort if that is the key rationale for his running?” he asked.

In the Democratic-progressive-media complex, of course, a different Republican leaders would mean little — leftists would start targeting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis or former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley with same malevolent ease that Orwell’s omnipotent state decided that “Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

But even CNN apparently sees the possibility that normal American voters might notice something like that.

Meanwhile, Michael LaRosa, a former special assistant in the Biden White House, all but called his old boss a liar outright.

“The guy has been trying to run for president his entire life. I don’t believe he’d be … willingly … um … giving up the presidency on his own if it were not Donald Trump.

But it was Kristen Holmes, CNN national correspondent, who made the most solid — and damning point.

Biden had confirmed in one sentence what Trump has publicly been declaring about Democrats: That their real goal is destroying him personally — and they’re using all the machinery available to corrupt government at the federal and state level to do it.

“This really is part of his argument overall, is that Biden is personally out to get him,” she said.

“That they are, quote-unquote, ‘targeting’ him, with these indictments.

“And that is going to be part of this.”

Trump’s legal prosecutions in New York and Georgia and in federal courts in Florida and Washington will fit as part of the pattern, she said.

“It’s the same argument that he’s been saying for months, which is that Joe Biden is against democracy because he is, quote-unquote, ‘coming after’ him,” Holmes said.

“If these four indictments are Joe Biden using the Justice Department against Donald Trump, his political opponent … I do want to be very clear, when I talk to his supporters at these rallies, they believe it. When he made this speech, they were cheering.”

Yeah, well it doesn’t take a Trump supporter to believe that what’s happening under the Biden Justice Department is the prosecution of a political opponent that would make a banana republic blush. Having a decent pair of eyes, the ability to read English, and an honest, functioning brain will do the trick even without political sympathies.

The propaganda war against the Trump presidency waged by the establishment media and the Democratic Party doesn’t have an equal in American history.

From the time the lies of the Steele dossier started warping the Trump administration’s image even before the swearing-in to the ludicrous first impeachment effort (sparked by Biden corruption), from the eternally tarnished 2020 election itself to the ludicrous second impeachment effort when Trump was out of office, to today, the target has always been Trump the man.

He personifies a movement of Americans enraged and disgusted at the government they have today — and supporters and opponents both know it.

Biden, meanwhile, personifies exactly the government Trump supporters loathe. A man who’s spent his entire life spending other people’s money in the form of taxes, who exercised power without responsibility for decades in the 100-member Senate, and who rode Barack Obama’s coattails to eight years of influence on the world stage that presented his family with only greater grifting opportunities, he is quite possibly the biggest nonentity to ever warp the office.

If Joe Biden — a man whose corruption is becoming clearer by the day — wants Americans to believe Trump is the reason he is fighting for the White House, he’s free to make the pitch.

But as the reaction on CNN showed Tuesday, it’s not the winning message Biden thinks.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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