Cole Sprouse on Playing a Somewhat Verbal Corpse in Lisa Frankenstein

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Lisa Frankenstein star Cole Sprouse has spoken about the experience of playing a semi-verbal corpse in the romantic horror comedy.

While talking with ComingSoon, Sprouse was asked about playing a character that primarily grunts and expresses himself through actions rather than dialogue. The actor delved into how he went about working with a movement coach and relied on his costar Kathryn Newton.

“It was new, definitely,” Sprouse stated. “I mean, it was new for me … I thought at first it would be a walk in the park because I’m arrogant. Then I got into set, and I realized it’s not more challenging. It’s just a brand-new way of doing this. And I was, I think, accustomed to leaning on some dialogue, crutches that I didn’t have anymore.

“But I had the pleasure of working with a movement coach that helped me out quite a bit. And Zelda and I had really discussed what we wanted to feel like, but it was fun. I mean, it was fun to kind of develop a character physically. And I was just worried about not giving Kathryn enough. She carries so much of this movie that I just didn’t want to make her feel like she was left hanging at all. So the grunting kind of came about from that, just as a joke for one take. And then we ran with it, and I think it helped a little bit.”

Who directed Lisa Frankenstein?

Described as a coming of “rage love story,” Lisa Frankenstein is directed by Williams from a script written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody. Joining Sprouse and Newton are Carla Gugino (The Haunting of Hill House), Liza Soberano (Alone/Together),  Joe Chrest (Stranger Things) and Henry Eikenberry (The Crowded Room).

The film is produced by Cody and Mason Novick, with Jeff Lampert serving as an executive producer and Focus Features’ VP of Production and Development, Michelle Momplaisir as a creative executive.


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