Criticism of the Chancellor: SPD demands an apology from Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann

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SPD leader Lars Klingbeil has recommended an apology to FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann after her recent comments about Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “This is a verbal derailment that I find absolutely indecent,” Klingbeil said Image-Newspaper. “If Ms. Strack-Zimmermann has any decency, she will apologize to the Chancellor.”

Strack-Zimmermann had previously described Scholz in an interview as a “clumsy right winger” with “downright autistic traits”. The defense politician is the best candidate FDP for the European elections.

Deputy faction leader sees ‘total failure’

The democratic parties had to rely on an honest party European election campaign

informed, Klingbeil said. “I firmly assume that this also applies to the FDP top candidate.” Criticism of Strack-Zimmermann’s statements also came from deputy SPD faction leader Dirk Wiese. He described the rulings as a “total failure.” They are meant to be derogatory, undignified and strange.

Between Strack-Zimmermann and the coalition partner SPD already existed in the past always conflictsamong other things in connection with the FDP politician’s handling of classified information in the Defense Committee. Strack-Zimmermann is one of the fiercest critics of Scholz’s Ukraine policy within the traffic light coalition. The chairman of the Defense Committee calls, among other things, for Taurus cruise missiles to be delivered to the country Most recently agreed with the opposition on this issue in the Bundestag.

Defense policy is also central to Strack-Zimmermann’s European election campaign. In this context She also criticized European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the FDP party conference in late April. As a former German defense minister, she failed to ensure European security, Strack-Zimmermann said.

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