Daniel Radcliffe Revealed He Wants To Make A Rom-Com With Quinta Brunson, And Fans Need It To Happen ASAP

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While Hollywood studio executives are busy pushing sequels and musical movies they refuse to mark as such (like Mean Girls whose trailer didn’t feature one song) to theaters, they’re missing out on the genre that audiences and talent wants to create: romantic comedies. The once prolific genre has been left off of development slates for years now and it seems actors and writers have finally had enough. 

When done right, romantic comedies have the power to become box office sensations. My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Crazy Rich Asians both set impressive records during their run, and Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s movie Anyone but You has also been performing well since its December release. And yet, most major studies still refuse to put their time and effort behind romantic comedies. 

Hopefully, that will start to change though now that A-list talent and fans have started shouting their support for the underappreciated genre. With Daniel Radcliffe leading the charge, it seems very likely that a revival could be in our future. 

Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Make Another Romantic Comedy

No stranger to the movie industry, Daniel Radcliffe has become the spokesperson for romantic comedies overnight. While appearing at the Emmy Awards, where he was nominated for his performance as Weird Al in the made-for-tv movie Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Radcliffe was asked by a Variety reporter what movie genre he wants to do next. His answer? Well, you can read it in his own words: 

I would love to do more rom-coms. I did one of them once, and it was super fun.

The Harry Potter star is referring to the 2013 movie The F Word (also released as What If?) where he starred opposite Zoe Kazan. The movie follows the pair as they form a strong friendship since Kazan’s character Chantry has a boyfriend. While not the best romantic comedy of all time, it did fill the void the genre was facing in the early 2010s, and Radcliffe’s performance was wonderful. 

Of course, a romantic comedy is only as good as his two leads. When asked if he had anyone in mind to play his leading lady, the Emmy-nominated actor pondered for a moment, before confidently answering: 

Oh, I don’t know, Quinta Brunson. We should do something together, and we’re a perfect height match. So, really there’s a future in this.

If you ask me, Radcliffe’s pause was just for dramatics, he already knew who he wanted as his leading lady! It’s not a surprising pairing either given the two recently worked on Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Their chemistry in the movie was undeniable so audiences know they’ll have no problem falling in love in a romcom.

Mere seconds after Variety posted the interview clip with the Critics Choice Award winner, fans jumped on the train fully supporting his romantic comedy dreams. Not only do fans want to see him take on the genre again, but they also fully support his leading lady decision. Just look at some of the things they were saying in the replies and quote tweets: 

Fans are definitely on board with the casting, now all Hollywood needs is a script. While Radcliffe might not be a writer, his potential leading lady is, having created and won several Emmys Awards for her work on the hit ABC comedy Abbott Elementary. This has lead many to throw her name into the hypothetical hat, while others pitched themselves and their own ideas: 

  • “TYPING FURIOUSLY” – @EmmaTolkin
  • “they get snowed in at a cabin on their way to a mutual friend’s wedding, but he’s about to get a big promotion that will move him back to London and Quinta’s character has to decide if he’s worth such a big risk (he’d turn it down and stay with her) Call it Short But Sweet” – @E_Davis_Romance

What are the studios waiting for? Someone get these two in a romantic comedy stat! 

While we wait for this movie to actually get made, you can catch Radcliffe and Brunson’s performance in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story streaming for free on the Roku Channel or available to rent/purchase on Prime Video. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our Upcoming Movies in 2024 feature just in case this romantic comedy gets fast-tracked into production. 


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