Dean Phillips, the Democrat Challenging Joe Biden: ‘Donald Trump is Going to Beat Joe Biden’ (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Dean Phillips, the Minnesota Democrat who is challenging Joe Biden, recently appeared on the Dan Abrams show on News Nation and declared that Trump is going to beat Joe Biden in 2024.

He tells Abrams that Democrats know this and are saying it privately, behind the scenes.

Phillips doesn’t have much of any chance for 2024 but what he is saying here is newsworthy.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

DAN ABRAMS: Why are more people not taking your candidacy seriously? I talk to people who are well-informed about politics, and I say I had Dean Philips on my show the other day, and they say, “Who’s Dean Philips?”

REP. DEAN PHILLIPS: Sure. Two reasons. The country doesn’t know me yet, which is going to take some time. The bigger issue is I’m a threat to a system many people are trying to protect, and that is a problem. It is a duopoly. It is a political-industrial complex that is always focused on a coronation, not really focused on a competition, particularly when you have an incumbent president.

But this is an unusual time, as you just pointed out. Donald Trump is going to beat Joe Biden. I’m going to say it again., Donald Trump is going to beat Joe Biden. Most people know that.

The conversations are all being had privately, not publicly. That’s the difference, it is going to take a little time…

Alarmist? I think people who are not being alarmist about Donald Trump are delusional! That’s the whole reason I’m here today, that’s why I’m running for president. It’s not what I anticipated. I tried for a year to encourage the president to pass the torch, I spent the better part of six months encouraging candidates who were better known than I am right now to enter the stage.

Watch the video below:

Biden is in serious trouble and Democrats know it, even if they don’t admit it in public.


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