Divine Rivals: What To Know About The Book And Why I Hope It Becomes A Movie

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Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross and its sequel Ruthless Vows join the small but mighty list of recent massively popular fantasy novels. A list that includes Fourth Wing, The Serpent and the Wings of Night, and A Court of Thorns and Roses. If you even slightly follow book trends, then you’ve surely heard of Divine Rivals. In this book’s world, love must conquer all, including gods at war. 

Readers are swept away in the epic love story of Iris Winnow and Roman Kitt. It’s this enduring love story and its brilliant cinematic nature that could make it a phenomenal film or TV series. Divine Rivals overflows with romance, magic, and a story that could shine on screen. As of December 2023, no production company snatched up the rights to make a Divine Rivals movie or TV show. However, with Fourth Wing becoming a TV show and A Court of Thorns and Roses TV show in development, Divine Rivals has favorable odds for an adaptation. 

I would love to see Iris and Roman’s all-consuming love story on screen. Many elements make Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows ideal books to adapt into a movie or TV show. 

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Divine Rivals Is A Fantasy Novel About Feuding Journalist 

Divine Rivals tells the tale of Iris and Roman’s office rivalry. Their economic differences create tension, but the real heat and division come from competing for the same job. Roman and Iris have a surface-level hate for each other. It’s only fueled by both of their desires to gain a columnist promotion. 

Their rivalry becomes complicated when Roman receives the letters Iris wrote to her brother, who’s off at war fighting for the god Enva. How Roman obtains Iris’s letters is part of the mystery and is better to discover as you read. As you can assume, these letters allow them to understand each other beyond the masks they both wear. 

Divine Rivals: What To Know About The Book And Why I Hope It Becomes A Movie

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It’s A Rivals To Lovers Romance  

Iris and Roman fall sort of into the enemies-to-lovers category. They have misconceptions and prejudices against each other due to their work rivalry. However, I wouldn’t simplify their dynamic as one of enemies to lovers. It’s a lot more wholesome than some similar dynamics. Additionally, everyone at the newspaper knows that they’re deflecting their attraction with banter and silly competition.

Many enemies to lovers pairs have a passionate disdain for one another that’s either justified or unjustified. Roman and Iris never reach that level of fiery hatred. It’s more annoyance and passion for the competition above all. Rivals to lovers is a trope that usually pairs well with great romantic movies. Therefore, I can imagine how entertaining their rivalry could be on screen. 

Divine Rivals: What To Know About The Book And Why I Hope It Becomes A Movie

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Divine Rivals Has Plenty Of Cinematic Romantic Moments 

Divine Rivals produces an abundance of swoon-worthy moments. The book leans into the innocence of first love, and true, unbreakable, star-crossed love. The book fills itself with very sweet and grandiose romantic moments. Divine Rivals doesn’t constantly choose bold declarations but often focuses on tender small acts of devotion, such as revealing secrets in letters.

A caring director could give these small and big romantic moments the cinematic beauty they deserve. They could capture the enchantment of Iris and Roman falling in love through correspondence. 

The Mythology Could Be Explored Further In A Movie Or TV Series

Divine Rivals establishes a very fascinating premise of two gods at war. One of them uses humans as collateral and toys in this wicked battle. In Divine Rivals, we learn the backstory of Enva and Dacre’s feud and some of the gods’ origins. Presumably, Ruthless Vows goes even more in-depth about the gods and this war. A Divine Rivals movie or TV show could go even further (by hopefully consulting with Rebecca Ross) to explore the gods of this world more. 

Additionally, I was enamored by the reasons why Iris and Roman can communicate through letters. I want to see a TV show or movie start with the history of that and give us the full backstory. If Divine Rivals became a TV show, a few episodes could just unfold the stories of the gods and Roman and Iris’s family history. 

Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows Provide Plenty Of Content To Adapt  

Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows have so much content that could be explored, beyond just Roman and Iris’s love story. Their families are fascinating but so are the friendships they form on their journeys. We could learn more about Keegan and Marisol’s relationship before the war. Explore Attie’s full past.  Then we could have a whole separate story on Iris’s brother Forest and his life at war. Rebecca Ross created a book with such rich characters and history that a filmmaker has plenty to dissect and enhance. 

Divine Rivals tackles many interesting topics while keeping the focus on this endearing and sweet love story. A show or movie can maintain this structure and produce an intricate fantasy romance story.

Divine Rivals: What To Know About The Book And Why I Hope It Becomes A Movie

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It Has A Classic Romance Movie Vibe 

Divine Rivals exists in an alternative universe but some of the aspects feel like it could take place in the 1930s or 1940s. This gives it a classic Hollywood vibe. Some of the best romantic movies such as Casablanca, It Happened One Night, Bringing up Baby, and The Shop Around The Corner were made in these decades. The aesthetic and feel of this world could take inspiration from the romance films of those eras. 

The gods aspects could add a unique look to a Divine Rivals film. The look of the ‘30s and ‘40s but with special effects to bring the gods and wars to life. Plus, let us not forget the magic letters. Divine Rivals could be visually unique and bold as a movie or TV show. 

Divine Rivals Has Plenty Of Twists And Surprises To Excite Audiences 

Divine Rivals had a few major surprises and twists that will excite readers (and potential viewers). They help add to the story’s tension and increase the story’s stakes. Many wonderful movies about journalism and the best war movies have plenty of twists and surprises to keep the audience engrossed and entertained. 

Divine Rivals has more than a few “what just happened!” “Oh NO!” and “What!” moments. It’s a fantasy book, not a thriller, so that isn’t the intent of the series, but the surprises made the book even more enjoyable.  

With Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows’ growing popularity, I think the chances are high for them to become future movies or TV shows. I just hope a company passionate about this story picks up the rights. Then, we can enjoy a compelling and adequate adaptation of Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows

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