Dream start at the home European Championship: the votes for the DFB party against Scotland

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Written By Maya Cantina

Dream start at the home European Championship: the votes for the DFB party against Scotland

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A tailor-made start! The German national team clearly defeated the Scots 5-1 in the opening match of the home European Championship. The votes for the game.

Christoph Kramer (World Champion 2014, ZDF expert): “I saw after 10 to 12 minutes that we were going to win this match by a big margin. They didn’t push us high. The Scots actually did better with ten men than with eleven men. Füllkrug simply torpedoes the thing with his 4-0. The whole stadium exploded. Now everyone is really hyped.”

Per Mertesacker (2014 world champion, ZDF expert): “We quickly got over our nervousness before the match and got off to a great start. The switching movements also worked immediately. A lot of things worked there. That was very amazing.”

Nagelsmann about Musiala: “I am especially happy for Jamal”

Julian Nagelsmann (national coach)…

…on his team’s performance: “The first 20 minutes were impressive and Scotland were impressed too. It was very focused until the end. My title for the game was believe in ourselves. The other word is not entirely suitable for young people.”

…about the goalscorers: “It is valuable that not only one person receives the flowers, but that we can distribute them directly. I’m especially happy for Jamal (Musiala) because he… Qatar leave a lot behind. That bothers him.”

…about the euphoria after the victory: “I am not an admonisher. But the boys already know that it was a very good step, but also just a first step. Of course we want to give a second follow-up against Hungary on Wednesday.”

Reactions to the DFB gala – Gündogan: “I’m happy that I could be the one who made things better today”

Niclas Füllkrug (scorer for 4-0): “At first it took us a minute or two. After that we started to get better and better in the match. We didn’t give up after a single goal. This is the energy we need. We need this greed. We are happy. This is an excellent start to what we ultimately want: a summer fairy tale. Running across the field with your own child at the end are images that will last forever.”

Ilkay Gündogan (DFB captain): “We played with high intensity from the start and played an incredibly good first half. This is exactly the start we needed. I already had a good feeling beforehand. Thank goodness this came true. The goal was a good warning for us that we cannot have less. I’m confident enough to know what I can do. I’m happy that I was able to be a creator for my teammates today.”

Musiala: “We want to get better from game to game”

Laura Freigang (national player, ZDF expert in the studio): “That was a perfect start. There was absolutely everything there. We had a lot of different goal scorers. Offensively things could never have gone much better. We remain realistic, there is still a lot to do. But why curb the euphoria? It’s fun.”

Emre Can (next nominee and goalscorer for 5:1): “I am very grateful to Julian (Nagelsmann) for trusting me straight away. A lot is possible, we have an extremely high level of quality. We have to step on the accelerator. The first step has been taken, and it was a very, very good step.”

Jamal Musiala (scorer to make it 2-0): “We know how important it is to start the tournament well. And when we give it our all, there is also fun and goals. If we are all in a good mood, everything will be easier for us. There couldn’t be a better start. We want to get better every game.”

Toni Kroos (DFB director): “I think we did what we wanted to do. Logically we wanted to start well, we did that, we never let Scotland into the game and we won comfortably. We have rewarded ourselves for a good start, which gives a team here confidence in their first match of a European Championship at home. Obviously the opponent was not in top form and the decision was made no later than after the red card. We played it with confidence, but an early goal obviously helps. (…)

I don’t know if you’re in the flow after a match. But if we take that into the next game, which will definitely be more difficult, we have a team that is at least a class better than Scotland. If we prove that there, we can talk about flow.”

Thomas Müller (DFB veteran): “It was a lot of fun. The energy of the team was simply good, from A to Z. We were immediately under pressure, our attacking players also started well, were good in the duels and good at finishing. I think it was a perfect The level has never dropped. It is a good overall result. It is just the first step, but it has been difficult enough in the last few tournaments.


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