Emily Blunt Just Reminded Us It’s Been Almost 10 Years Since She Made Edge Of Tomorrow With Tom Cruise, But I Disagree With Her Thoughts On A Sequel

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Written By Maya Cantina

With the exception of the Mission: Impossible franchise Tom Cruise movies tend to avoid sequels. Top Gun: Maverick was an exception that took decades to actually make happen. But there is one movie that a lot of Cruise fans have wanted to see get the sequel treatment, the time-loop action movie Edge of Tomorrow. There are, or have been, plans to make a sequel for years. But now co-star Emily Blunt suggests it may be too late to actually do it.

While Edge of Tomorrow is a film where time does not pass, as Cruise’s character relives the same period of an alien invasion over and over again, time does pass in reality. As such, it’s been a decade since Emily Blunt and Cruise made the movie together, and while there was a script in development for a sequel, Blunt tells Variety that the script won’t work anymore because too much time has passed. She explained…

Doug [Liman] and I talk all the time about it. I know Tom wants to do it, hopefully, at some point. But it’s timing, but it’s also been 10 years since we made it. There was an amazing script in the works, but I think it would only have worked if we shot it eight years ago. I’m not saying we’re that ancient, but you have to factor in it’s been 10 years.

I’m sure the script that was in development a decade ago was designed to be filmed shortly after the first Edge of Tomorrow took place. It would make sense based on Edge of Tomorrow‘s ending. But then, for whatever reason, maybe nobody could agree on what to call the movie, since everybody is apparently still confused about what the title of Edge of Tomorrow actually is, that didn’t happen. Now time has passed, and the actors won’t look exactly like they did a decade ago. Well, Tom Cruise will, but not anybody else.

But that doesn’t mean that no Edge of Tomorrow sequel would work, or even that the script that was in development has to go out the window. It’s a movie about time travel, after all. What’s to stop our heroes, 10 years after the events of the first movie, getting thrown back through time to deal with a threat that happened in the past? It’s far from the craziest time travel idea ever. The way time travel works in Edge of Tomorrow isn’t exactly scientific. 

If everybody is still talking, and it sounds like Doug Liman, Tom Cruise, and Emily Blunt are at least interested in the idea of a sequel, then let’s make it happen. The first movie was a brilliant adventure and a sequel could be too, even after all this time. 


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