Extended Family Season 2: Mike O’Malley on Where the Story Could Go

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Extended Family creator Mike O’Malley has spoken about the possibility of the Jon Cryer-led comedy series getting a Season 2.

While speaking with ComingSoon, O’Malley was asked about if he had spent much time thinking about where a potential second season would go. He revealed that there are a few storylines he’s thought about for Season 2 if it were to happen, including Trey and Julia’s wedding and future beyond that.

“Well yes. There’s sort of the superstition of not talking about it until it happens,” O’Malley stated. “But of course, one of the things that is helpful in doing a sitcom is that these are stories hopefully you can watch at any time. And you don’t necessarily need to know what the narrative arc of a season is.

“That being said, Trey and Julia are still engaged. They’re not married. We think a season two will lead up to a point where they’re planning the wedding, there’s a rehearsal dinner, there’s a wedding. And then, after that — do they decide to have kids? Is there a future there? Are we right back into this situation where we’ve got a baby in the mix? And how does that affect all of these relationships? And so there’s always speculation there because what you really want, you want a sitcom that goes for 200 episodes. And so you’ve got to keep all those storylines open.”

What is Extended Family about?

“Jim and Julia, after an amicable divorce, decide to continue to raise their kids at the family home while taking turns on who gets to stay with them,” reads the show’s synopsis. “Navigating the waters of divorce and child-sharing gets more complicated for Jim when Trey, the owner of the Boston Celtics, enters the picture and wins Julia’s heart.”


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