Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans Fashion Features Vintage Givenchy & Custom Zac Posen

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With no photographs of Slim to reference, Posen, who makes a cameo as Lane’s fedora-masked walker at the gala, took full creative license for the character’s look. “[It] was carte blanche. It’s totally made up,” confirms Posen. “What would she do? There’s all these great photos of [Slim] in pants. She traveled the world. So I designed a tuxedo jumpsuit.” The black-and-white blocking on her opera cape was a nod to the look worn by Bill and Babe’s daughter, Amanda Burden, who borrowed a starburst stripe-paneled gown from My Fair Lady, designed by Cecil Beaton. “I wanted this graphic color,” says Posen. “The cape is a silk taffeta that catches air and inflates. It’s more understated, loose, louche, too cool for school — and it’s Diane Lane.” Source

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