Following Saw X’s Success, Saw 11 Has Been Announced, And Its Release Is Surprisingly Soon

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As with many film series, the Saw movies have come with highs and lows over the course of nearly two decades. Fortunately, one of the highest of highs came with the latest installment, Saw X, which was among the 2023 movie releases. Not only was Saw X met with primarily positive critical reception, (in fact, it scored higher reviews than all of its predecessors), it shined commercially too, making over $107 million worldwide off a reported $13 million budget. Following that success, Saw 11 has officially been announced, and it’s coming to theaters surprisingly soon. 

Lionsgate has shared with the public that Saw 11, officially stylized as Saw XI, is set to arrive September 27, 2024. That’s only nine months away, and essentially an exact year after Saw X’s hit the big screen. Beyond that though, no other details about this 2024 movie release have been revealed, and as you’ll see below, the announcement showing a collection of Roman numerals was only accompanied by a caption that says “The game continues.”

Given how well Saw X performed across the board, it’s hardly surprising that Lionsgate wants to keep this momentum going. Granted, even with installments like Jigsaw and Spiral failing to make a splash, this is still one of Lionsgate’s most valuable properties, so the odds of it ending even if Saw X hadn’t been a knockout would have been slim. Still, this release plan for Saw 11 is reminiscent about how Paramount Pictures released Scream VI on March 10, earlier this year, a little over a year after the release of the fifth Scream movie.

Again though, assuming it’s not delayed, we’re only 3/4’s of a year away from Saw XI’s arrival, which means principal photography surely has to be starting soon. So far this is the only movie occupying the September 27 slot, though it will be preceded by Transformers One the week before, and Joker: Folie à Deux will follow the week after. Other horror/spooky movies set to arrive in September and October of next year include Beetlejuice 2, Smile 2 and Terrifier 3.

Although Saw X was the film series’ 10th installment, chronologically it was set between Saw and Saw II, during a time when Tobin Bell’s John Kramer was still alive, albeit living with brain cancer. Kramer eventually died during Saw III, but it’s unclear if Saw XI will also take place before the events of the threequel, or if it will return to a post-Spiral spot on the Saw timeline. We’ll also have to wait and see if other familiar faces like Costa Mandylor’s Mark Hoffman and Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young will return, though again, that’s contingent on where the movie ends up on the timeline.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more news on what to expect from Saw XI, and don’t forget to look over our selections of the best horror movies of all time.


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