Freed hostage back in Israel

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Written By Maya Cantina

The terminally ill mother of a hostage freed from the Gaza Strip makes her last wish come true: the woman had asked several times to see her kidnapped daughter again before her death. On Saturday, an Israeli special unit rescued 25-year-old Noa Argamani from the hands of the Islamist Hamas. Israeli media reported on Saturday evening that she had been reunited with her mother, who was being treated at a clinic. The woman has terminal cancer.

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Suddenly caught in the middle of the war zone: Murad Alsoos and his wife on a donkey cart in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.  “It was a nightmare,” says the Rintelner.  His wife is still there.

How a man from Germany got stuck in the Gaza Strip – and now fears for his wife

Murad Alsoos has lived in Rinteln in Lower Saxony for a long time, works here and has many friends. But until a few weeks ago, many thought he was dead because he visited the Gaza Strip. To marry. But then war broke out. And Murad was stuck in the middle of a war zone.

The fate of the young Israeli woman kidnapped from the Nova music festival has long affected the country. Images of her abduction by terrorists on a motorcycle, crying and desperately crying for help, are common knowledge in Israel. According to the Hostage Families Forum, the student’s friend, who was also kidnapped, is still in the hands of Hamas.

Former hostage was taken from apartment to apartment

The Islamist terrorist organization released a video of the young woman in January in which she spoke about the alleged deaths of two male abductees in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the military, the 25-year-old was taken from apartment to apartment in the Gaza Strip and eventually held in a locked room in an apartment in the center of the coastal area. There she was guarded by many armed men.

Crisis radar

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Netanyahu visits woman after her liberation

After returning to Israel, Argamani was first taken to a hospital for examination. A recording released by his office shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the young woman at the clinic and holding her hand. He had called her before. According to the media, the Israeli said in the interview that she was happy to speak Hebrew again after such a long time.

“There is no army like this in the world,” the young woman’s grateful father said in another video released by Israeli media. The clip shows him hugging his daughter and a soldier. The 25-year-old wipes the tears from her face. In another recording, family members sing a serenade to her father – his birthday fell on the day of his daughter’s liberation. This probably made his greatest wish come true.

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