Göring-Eckardt causes outrage with his racist comments against whites

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Written By Maya Cantina

BERLIN. Vice President of the Bundestag Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens) caused outrage with a racist statement against whites after the national football team’s victory. The politician wrote on the short message service X: “This team is really great. Imagine if there were only white German players.” She also posted several rainbows.

Her colleague in the Bundestag Presidium, Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP), said it was “worrying when people in Germany are judged based on the color of their skin.” He asked Göring-Eckardt to remove the text immediately.

Deportation fantasies against whites

Numerous other users also accused the Green politician of racism. Renowned extremism researcher Ahmed Mansour responded: “Anyone who discusses the skin color of the players of the German national team is practicing racism, regardless of the motivation behind it.”

Others pointed out that the Federal Republic became world champions in 1954, 1974 and 1990 with an all-white team and that the national team was recently eliminated in the preliminary round in Qatar – despite a high proportion of migrants.

Green politicians repeatedly draw attention to themselves by inciting hatred against white people. This is what the former chairman of the Green Youth said: Sarah Lee Heinrichof a ‘disgusting white majority society’ and widespread deportation fantasies according to which all white people would have to leave Africa. She later apologized for the comments. (ho)

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