Green Bundestag representative causes outrage with post after DFB victory

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Written By Maya Cantina

“This team is really great,” Göring-Eckardt begins the article. Then comes the burping part. “Imagine if there were only white German players,” followed by three rainbows, the symbol of diversity.

The State Secretary is probably also referring to the highly controversial research WDR in which 21 percent of respondents wanted “more white players” in the national team. There was a lot of criticism of the research.

Accusations of racism against Göring-Eckardt: Post by the Green politician causes massive criticism

Her post on X caused Göring-Eckardt a lot of backlash on Wednesday evening. This is what Islam expert Ahmad Mansour said, accusing her of racism just a few minutes after publication: “Anyone who discusses the skin color of the players of the German national team is practicing racism, regardless of the motivation behind it.”

The AfDThe dropout and non-attached member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar took the same line: “Long live racism. “What’s the matter with you?” she wrote under the post.

The deputy head of the German Police Association also spoke up, writing: “Evaluate people based on their visual characteristics. Something like that should be racist by their own definition.”

It used to be DFB-Elf celebrated a 2-0 victory against the tough Hungarians and thus qualified early for the eighth finals.

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