Greg Gutfeld Expertly Mocks Trump’s NYC Trial: ‘A City That Can’t Keep Violent Criminals in Prison Wants to Lock Up the President for Speaking Out’ (VIDEO) | Gate Expert

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Written By Maya Cantina

During his opening monologue Thursday night, Greg Gutfeld mocked the Democratic Party and the city of New York for their false case against Trump, as best he could.

Greg doesn’t let anyone down, from Stormy Daniels to Michael Cohen and Joe Biden.

He asserted that New York City cannot keep violent criminals in jail but wants to jail Trump for talking about his case, while all the Trump haters are allowed to say whatever they want.

Partial transcript via FOX News:

On Tuesday, Judge Merchan found Donald Trump in contempt of court and fined him $9,000 for violating the gag order. Trump should have reached into his wallet, taken out $9,000 in cash and thrown it at the judge and said: “Here, hit Stormy Daniels eight times.”

This is hilarious: A city that can’t keep violent criminals in jail wants to put a president in prison for speaking out. Their priorities are worse than a morning show hosted by people who hate each other.

Meanwhile, Judge Merchan’s daughter…a progressive political hack, sends out an appeal requesting Trump’s trial, and manages to raise millions of dollars for her client. Among them: Adam Schiff, the lead prosecutor in Trump’s first impeachment, who is expected to use the money for a neck transplant. So Trump is not allowed to speak. How did he react? Are gag orders unique? Unconstitutional? Corrupt?

Now let’s look at the people the judges didn’t silence, like Stormy Daniels. Usually when he opens his mouth, it only affects the five men in the motel room who are carrying camcorders. But lately, Stormy just won’t keep quiet.

Watch in full below:

You won’t hear anything like that on Colbert or Kimmel’s show.

Gutfeld is the only late night host willing to mock Biden and the Democratic Party and that’s why his ratings are so high.

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