Hasbro Reveals 2 New Wolverine Marvel Legends Figures Packs

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Hasbro is releasing a brand new set of Marvel Legends two-packs, both of which include Wolverine going up against some of his more iconic foes.

The latest batch of figure packs includes Wolverine (as Logan) going up against Sabretooth, who is dressed in his legendary outfit from the world of X-Men comics.

The other two-pack includes Wolverine dressed in his iconic outfit, but infected by the Brood, going up against the Empress of the Shi’ar Empire, Lilandra Neramani.

New figures come with several accessories

Pre-orders for the new line of Marvel Legends figures begin today, with the Logan vs. Sabretooth pack available on Amazon and other retailers.

The figures are set to be released sometime in the spring of 2024. Here’s a gallery of the figures — along with some key info on them.

  • Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s Logan vs. Sabretooth: $49.99, includes two figures and six accessories, including alternate heads and hands for each figure
  • Marvel Legends Series Wolverine and Lilandra Neramani: $49.99, includes two figures and two accessories, including an alternate head and Lilandra’s staff


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