How To Train Your Dragon’s Live-Action Remake Has Cast Another A+ Actor, And I Think This Is A Slice Of Fried Gold

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Written By Maya Cantina

The news surrounding Universal and Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon remake is starting to blaze like the fire from a Night Fury. Though the world is still getting a handle on the 2024 movie release schedule, news such as Gerard Butler’s recent casting to reprise Stoick the Vast has been peeking out from behind the curtain. 

Now we’ve gotten another tantalizing piece of information, as an A+ choice has been made to play his best friend/advisor Gobber the Belch! Actor Nick Frost, best known for his Cornetto Trilogy of team-ups with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, has been announced as taking over that role, per THR

Originally voiced by Craig Ferguson in the How to Train Your Dragon animated trilogy, the news of this Shaun of the Dead vet’s casting is most definitely welcomed. What’s more, it also starts to answer a question previously asked when news of Butler’s casting broke.

As the lead roles of Hiccup, Astrid and the rest of the future Dragon Riders needing fresh actors to take them on, the adult cast of the Dragon series is something that doesn’t need to abide by those rules. With Mason Thames and Nico Parker’s respective casting in those central roles already nailed down, the question of how the notable mature characters from the series became a bit more focused.

Thanks to Gerard Butler reprising Stoick the Vast, there seemed a possibility that other key roles could take the same route. However, Nick Frost’s casting as Gobber the Belch is absolutely proof that director Dean DeBlois, another returning How to Train Your Dragon vet, isn’t afraid to mix things up on this end either. Gobber’s a pretty big character to make that sort of decision with too, as he’s basically the mentor who initially tries to shape the youths of Berk into potential Dragon Hunters.

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Having the responsibilities of making sure his friend and chieftain is making sound decisions, while also teaching Berk’s new class of warriors the skills needed to survive battle, Gobber the Belch is a pretty important gig in the How to Train Your Dragon framework. Nick Frost’s abilities to play both comedic and dramatic sides of the coin will come in handy when bringing to life this multifaceted fixture of author Cressida Cowell’s long-running literary series. 

Though I have to say I’ll certainly miss Craig Ferguson’s iteration, I’m excited to see where Mr. Frost takes the role. As we once again question the balance between recruiting new faces, and potentially reviving old incarnations, the excitement for this big ticket reimagining has not waned a bit. 

How to Train Your Dragon’s big flesh and blood revamp is currently slated to hit theaters on June 13, 2025. And for those of you looking to take a trip down memory lane, the 2010 movie that started it all can currently be streamed through several sources, such as with a Peacock subscription!


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