Hunter Biden gun trial: jury deliberates verdict

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A verdict is said to be imminent in the criminal trial of the US president’s son, Hunter Biden, for alleged violations of gun laws. The jury retreated to Wilmington, USA, for initial deliberations. These should continue today. During the trial, Hunter Biden is accused of making false statements during an October 2018 gun purchase and concealing his drug addiction at the time. The trial was a political burden American president Joe Biden. A conviction of his son will likely put further pressure on Democrats in the middle of the election campaign.

If convicted, Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison. However, it is unclear to what extent the judge responsible would limit the sentence in this case, as the 54-year-old has no previous convictions. It is unclear when the verdict will be handed down. The deliberations of the twelve jurors can last several days. The jury’s verdict must be unanimous. If the jury cannot reach such a conclusion, the trial may fail.

According to American media, the defense called on the jury during its closing argument to acquit the 54-year-old, who had pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor, on the other hand, said the evidence against Hunter Biden was “overwhelming,” the Washington Post wrote. If this doesn’t show that Biden was a crack addict when he bought the gun in 2018, “then no one is a crack addict,” the newspaper quoted prosecutor Derek Hines as saying.

Hunter’s family shows solidarity

Some dirty laundry was also washed. In addition to Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi, former partners also testified. The interviews highlighted the president’s son’s drug addiction, which he himself made public in his autobiography. However, he denies that he was a drug addict at the time of purchasing a gun.

The son of the American president has been making the news for years. In addition to alcohol and drug addiction, it also involves shady business dealings and legal disputes with an ex-stripper over child support for an illegitimate child. In early December, he was also charged in the state of California for failing to properly pay federal taxes for years.

During the weapons trial in Wilmington, US President Joe Biden himself did not appear in court. But several other family members showed solidarity — like First Lady Jill Biden, Hunter’s stepmother. She even interrupted her visit to France with President Biden and flew several thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean to appear in court in person. The fact that a first lady appears in court for days as moral support is as unusual as the indictment against the president’s son himself.

The son as a burden in the election campaign

US President Biden wants to run for a second term in the presidential elections in November. His son’s legal and other problems are a political target. Last week he announced that he would not pardon his son if convicted. This statement contrasts with the behavior of his predecessor Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate has indicated that he wants to reverse judgments if he wins the election.

However, in New York – where he has already been found guilty of illegal campaign financing – he would not be able to do this because this is not a federal case. The verdict is still pending. There are more charges against Trump – for attempted election fraud and taking classified government documents. The proceedings in these cases have not yet started.

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