Ibram Kendi and Other Woke Leftists Outraged Over Resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay

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Written By Maya Cantina

Ibram X. Kendi, the woke activist who has built a career out of accusing America and various people of racism, is angry about the ouster of Harvard President Claudine Gay and he is not alone.

Lots of people on the left are mad about this.

One thing you’ll notice is that many of them are just angry that people on the right got a ‘win.’ They don’t seem to care at all about the very real scandal of plagiarism that has engulfed Gay or her awful response to anti-Semitism on Harvard’s campus.

Breitbart News reports:

Ibram X. Kendi, Other Woke Activists Rage over Claudine Gay Resigning as Harvard President: ‘Racist Mobs’

Hardcore woke activists and Critical Race Theory (CRT) pushers, including professor Ibram X. Kendi, raged into the void of social media on Tuesday in response to the news that Claudine Gay was resigning from her position as president of Harvard University.

As Breitbart News reported on Tuesday, Gay finally announced her resignation after weeks of battling accusations of plagiarism in the wake of her botched testimony before Congress about the rise of antisemitism on college campuses from anti-Israel activists. The report noted:

Gay’s resignation — just six months and two days into her presidency — makes her tenure as president the shortest in Harvard’s history, according to a report by the Harvard Crimson. According to a letter released by the Harvard Corporation, Provost and Chief Academic Officer Alan M. Garber will take over as interim president.

See Kendi’s tweet below:

Marc Lamont Hill had a similar reaction:

Same as Jemele Hill:

And lefty journo Wajahat Ali:

They’re filled with rage over conservatives being proven right about something. That seems to be all that matters.


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