Illegal Border Crossers Complain About the FREE Food They’re Being Given at Their FREE New York City Hotels

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Written By Maya Cantina

Illegal border crossers living on the taxpayers’ dime in New York City hotels are reportedly not happy about the taxpayer funded food they are being given.

At a time when American citizens are struggling to afford food to feed themselves and their families, people here illegally are throwing away food that they are being given for free.

The city is spending a fortune on this every single day. They might as well just throw cash into the garbage.

The New York Post reports:

Migrants reject ‘bad’ sandwiches, pancakes, donuts and chicken dishes at NYC shelters

Several migrants confessed to The Post Friday the meals served up at New York City asylum seeker shelters are so “bad” they often just trash them — with some opting to sneakily cook in their rooms instead.

Their claims of terrible food came a day after it was revealed thousands of uneaten, taxpayer-funded meals prepared for asylum seekers are tossed each day.

“No one likes the food,” Jesus Alberto, 31, from Venezuela, told The Post outside the Roosevelt Hotel — the Big Apple’s main migrant intake center.

“Without lying, it’s bad, bad.”

Meals served to the migrants include pancakes and Quecas, a type of fried tortilla, for breakfast; sandwiches for lunch and dinners including chicken alfredo and chicken with spaghetti.

The number of meals being wasted is down, in part, to asylum seekers ditching the city-funded food in favor of buying their own.

The Post spotted several migrant families hauling groceries into the Roosevelt this week — including strollers stacked with boxes of Cheerios and Cornflakes, as well as bags filled with chips, bread and pasta.

People are reacting to this news exactly as you would expect.

This is all such an insult to the taxpayers of New York. How much longer are people going to put up with this?


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