Interview: K-Pop Singer Gyubin Shares 2024 Comeback Plans & Her Life Changing Experiences

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ComingSoon Entertainment journalist Arpita Adhya talked to K-pop’s ‘Super Rookie’ artist Park Gyubin in an exclusive interview, who has recently made her grand debut with the single “Really Like You.” From Gyubin’s early days that inspired her to be a singer to the life-changing experience of joining the world of K-pop, the 17-year-old rising icon candidly shares about her life where music is always present.

Gyubin officially debuted with “Really Like You” on January 17, 2024. The refreshing single and Gyubin’s stellar vocals made the song an early hit, garnering over a million views since its release.

Before her debut, Gyubin released a collaborative single, “Scribble,” with prominent South Korean vocalist Wonstein. While talking about the song, the K-pop singer shared how recording it changed her life.

Gyubin’s “Really Like You” teaser (Photo Credit: LiveWorks Company)

Park Gyubin’s journey in K-pop

Arpita: What inspired you to join K-pop and pursue a music career?

Gyubin: I always say it, but it was natural for me. I grew up in a house filled with music, and everyone loves music, especially my father, who plays guitar. So, I grew up in an environment where I listened to old pop songs and was surrounded by a love for music. When I got into elementary school, I learned about Karaoke and enjoyed it with my friends. I realized I enjoy singing in front of others and performing in general.

So, I’d say there’s no specific inspiration or motivation for me, but it all felt a part of a very natural transition. What pushed me more was watching other artists perform on TV in elementary school or middle school. It inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a singer. I could never think about my life without music.

Gyubin: It’d be a lie to say I don’t feel any pressure. It is a huge word, but the nickname ‘Super Rookie’ is very meaningful to me because it is the ultimate compliment for any new artist. It makes me happy, motivates, and makes me proud whenever I hear it. But pressure definitely comes with it. I must always do my best and present myself as my best self.

But at the same time, I still appreciate that word because it is my biggest motivation. I always need to carry that nickname and keep feeling that gratitude that comes with it because it shows how many people really love my music and support me. So, I’d never try to lose that nickname and work hard to fit that name.

Arpita: For your pre-debut single, Scribble, you collaborated with Wonstein, a well-known vocalist. What was your biggest learning lesson from the experience?

Gyubin: That was an unforgettable experience, as it was my first-ever track release. This might be a bit of a TMI, but I first met Wonstein on the day of Scribble’s music video shooting. That was our first time saying hi and seeing each other in person. But then we had to be in a situation where we were enacting the role of two lovers.

We had to create a sweet atmosphere for the music video, so it felt pretty long to make that 3-minute music video, which felt like three hours! (Smiles) But we opened up, and he started talking about music and giving me advice, so we got closer rather quickly.

Later, I had to do additional song recording, and Wonstein came over to the studio to direct the recording himself. So we were in the same studio exchanging opinions and ideas, and I learned a lot from him as a vocalist. One of the most crucial advice he gave me was to loosen up, not be too nervous while singing, try to get in the groove, and dance out a little, which will significantly help you.

So, I’d say “Scribble” is a very special song because I became a different person after working on it. I learned so much from that experience and am forever thankful for the opportunity.

Arpita: Tell us the story behind your debut single, “Really Like You,” did you face any challenges while recording the song?

Gyubin: Since “Really Like You” was announced as my first debut single, I initially felt the pressure, thinking I needed to do really well and prove myself. But as I continued practicing and recording, I focused more on the lyrics and emotions. Finally, when I was recording the song, to bring out the song’s sentiment, I was thinking about my crush from elementary school (smiles). I kept thinking about the boy and the emotions I felt.

They say you get tired of the same song when you repeatedly listen to it, but it was the opposite for me. The more I listened to the song, the more I fell in love with it. So, one of the challenges of the recording “Really Like You” was bringing out that heart-fluttering emotion of being in love. I thought of my old crush to channel that feeling for the whole three minutes of recording the debut song. Rather than focusing on the person, I thought about happy memories, which could bring out the warmth and positivity throughout the song.

Arpita: Who are your role models?

Gyubin: IU and Taylor Swift are my role models among current singers because I get inspired by their journeys of continuing to push themselves. They are never afraid to take on new challenges, and the way they communicate on stage with the audience is something I want to do one day.

I also listen to old Korean vocalists like Sung Sikyung, whose musical color is my taste. So, I also want to become a singer who can sing for a long time and continue to push myself.

Arpita: Apart from singing, are you interested in acting or writing songs?

Gyubin: Absolutely! I have always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, so I am working on composing and writing lyrics. It’s not been released, but I am working on some self-composed songs I’d like to include in my future album someday. Hopefully, in the future, I can also grow to be an artist who gives songs to other budding artists.

Also, I learned a bit about acting because I wanted to improve my facial expressions when performing. That’s when I fell in love with acting and its charms. So, one day, I can maybe try musicals, movies, or dramas; that will be a dream come true.

Arpita: Tell us what fans can expect this year after such a grand debut. Are there any plans to release an album?

Gyubin: After receiving all the love and support for my debut single, “Really Like You,” I was inspired to release more music. So, this year, I plan to mix more official and unofficial activities. I am focusing on my solo music and other side projects. So this will be released soon, probably by next month. It is a collaborative single with Nell’s Kim Jong Wan. He is a gifted vocalist, and this song will be a very different concept, leaning more towards the ballad genre. So I hope you look forward to that.

I also plan to release more music, including “Really Like You,” my official solo track, in the summer. In addition to singing and promoting, I want to connect with fans through social media and radio appearances.

Arpita: Do you have any message for fans loving your music and pouring their support?

Gyubin: I cannot even find the right words to describe how thankful I am for the fans who have shown me love and support. Positive comments from fans who have told me they are listening to my music have comforted me. When fans tell me they feel happy listening to my music, that makes me very happy. Their comments brighten my day, and that is why I feel so happy these days.

So, I want to be a singer who can perform for fifty years or more. I want to share more charm and excitement with fans as a musician and an artist. So please, stay along my journey, and thank you so much for your love and support. I love you all (heart sign with both hands).


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