J6 Defendant Sues CREW Leftists for Selectively Editing and Presenting Confirmed Lies as Evidence in the Trump Colorado Election Lawsuit – Seeks $7.2 Million for Defamation

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Written By Maya Cantina

Democrats were caught pushing fraudulent evidence at the Trump trial in Colorado earlier this month.

The Democrat Party’s far-left attorneys in Colorado attempted to toss President Trump from the ballot in the state by any means necessary.  They’re so confident with their candidate Joe Biden that they want to toss Trump from the ballot – just like any communist regime ever.

During their opening remarks, the Trump-hating attorneys shared two clips of President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse to a million-plus supporters on January 6, 2021.

The Democrats insist that President Trump started a violent riot. But they refused to play video of his statement calling on his supporters to “peacefully march” to the US Capitol.

But that’s not all.

The prosecuting attorneys also lied about the timeline of events they showed the court in their opening remarks.

The attorneys misrepresented the time stamps on the videos they played in court – not by minutes but by hours!

The prosecutors claimed the speech by Treniss Evans on the US Capitol Steps took place at 2:24 PM on Jan. 6.

The speech by J6 defendant Treniss Evans actually took place at 4:22 PM not at 2:24 PM!  — TWO FULL HOURS LATER!

The Democrats were trying everything to get President Trump thrown off of the ballot in Colorado.

They even falsified their video evidence and timestamps!

This is perjury – and it took place in their opening statements!


Now J6 defendant Treniss Evans is suing the prosecutors in the case for $7.2 million in the same Colorado court for defamation!

Here is a copy of the legal filing.

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Treniss Evans wrote us today.

I’ve attached the Amicus Curiae Brief (friend of the court) filed in The Colorado Supreme Court case to keep Donald Trump off the ballot for the 2024 Election filed 11-29-2024.

The brief contains facts discrediting the assertions of CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) to assert that Donald J. Trump incited an insurrection on January 6th.  These assertions using a fraudulently altered video of Mr. Evans as the first attack on Donald Trump were incorrect and initially created by The Select Committee.

Opening arguments of Eric Olson as counsel for CREW provided false information to the court by regurgitating the known lies of The January 6th Select Committee to investigate the so-called “attack on the United States Capitol on January 6th.”  Shamefully, these allegations through video with altered time stamps were perpetrated on the American people a second time on the 4th day of court while Amy Kramer was on the witness stand. The attorneys could not locate the person in the video in a timely manner, who they eventually found to be Mr. Evans to testify regarding the absurdity of the allegations.

Treniss Evans responded immediately by filing a 7.2-million-dollar defamation complaint in the same court where the original case aimed to remove Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot.

The original defamation case and the Colorado Supreme Court Brief as Amicus Curiae are attached.

SUMMARY:  The case is built on the LIES and MISINFORMATION provided by THE SELECT COMMITTEE, which Mr. Evans has proven to be a fraud on the people. Could you read the facts of the case and conclude as a reasonable person?

Mr. Evans is also working on a groundbreaking effort for change of venue and is prepared to overturn landmark case law in the process.

As the founder of CondemnedUSA (the leading legal advocacy working on January 6th cases) Mr. Evans has assisted in both the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys trials and dozens of other cases. The cases CondemnedUSA has been a part of have beaten more counts levied against January 6th defendants than any other group.  Mr. Evans is desperately seeking donations for these incredibly expensive efforts poised to save our country and our patriots.

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