Jackie Chan And Ralph Macchio’s New Karate Kid Movie Has Recruited A Mandalorian Star And More, And This Cast Is Getting Seriously Stacked

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It’s still early days in the 2024 movie schedule, so there’s plenty of time for movies like the latest Karate Kid project to shape up. What we know about The Karate Kid 6 has the movie on track for a December release date, Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio’s respective pieces of the franchise seeming to merge into a new cinematic spectacle. With the series recently finding its young lead in a Disney vet, another Mouse House actor has climbed aboard from The Mandalorian’s cast, as this cast continues to get seriously stacked.

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The Karate Kid 6’s Cast Welcomes Ming-Na Wen

Not too long after The Karate Kid legacy-quel cast American Born Chinese star Ben Wang as its lead, Variety now reports that Ming-Na Wen is one of the latest additions. A Disney Legend who’s spanned several of the huge properties the studio deals in, Wen is probably best known for her role as Fennec Shand in the Star Wars universe. 

Additionally, Ms. Wen was also a fixture on the Marvel television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the voice of the animated protagonist for 1998’s Mulan. As one would expect, there are no character details accompanying the casting of Ming-Na Wen. So if there was ever someone to place your bets on being connected in some way to Pat Morita’s Mr. Miyagi, she might be your best wager.

Jackie Chan And Ralph Macchio’s New Karate Kid Movie Has Recruited A Mandalorian Star And More, And This Cast Is Getting Seriously Stacked

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Even More Additions To The Karate Kid Legacy-quel Cast Have Been Announced

While we still don’t have any major details on the plot at hand, including whether or not Cobra Kai’s universe will be included, we are starting to learn more about some of the characters that will be present. In another update from THR, The Karate Kid 6 was announced to have welcomed Dr. Death vet Joshua Jackson and Cruel Summer star Sadie Stanley into its growing cast as well. 

Jackson and Stanley will be playing father and daughter in this supposedly East Coast-based adventure. What’s more, Sadie’s character is being reported as the romantic lead for Ben Wang’s new Karate Kid protagonist. All of a sudden, fans are probably thinking about pop songs about fighting for someone’s honor, and in this specific instance, that’s reasonable. 

As we make our way towards the release of The Karate Kid 6, we’ll probably see a title change and some more impressive cast members boarding this legacy-quel in the works. We can probably expect the secretive nature of this project to persist for a while, even after announcing this latest wave of casting. 

However, you can brush up on your Karate Kid lore, as some of the classic installments reside in the same streaming home as the 2010 reboot. Which is to say if you have access to Starz, or a Prime Video subscription with the appropriate add-on, you’ll be ready to sweep the leg in the comfort of your own home. 


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