Jennifer Lopez Got Asked About Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Donuts Ad. What His Wife Thinks Of The Whole Thing

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Written By Maya Cantina

Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ commercial has expanded beyond being viral. The famous Super Bowl ad included pals Matt Damon and Tom Brady, and the premise surrounded the three stars starting a boy band around the coffee company. Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez was in the ad too of course, hilarious shutting down her husband’s rapper dreams. The whole thing has been a phenomenon with Dunkin’ merch being created from the ad. Now, JLo is opening up about her feelings toward the commercial, and her husband’s wildly successful partnership with Dunkin’. 

In a recent interview to promote her album This Is Me…Now, Lopez chatted with Hoda Kotb on The Today Show about her new musical venture. Kotb also asked the “On The Floor” singer about her husband’s Dunkin’ ad, and if she saw the commercial getting as much attention as it did. JLo herself seemed surprised by the ad’s popularity, and credited Affleck’s artistic mind for much of the success. She said:

I know that everything [Ben] does is great because he’s a brilliant director and writer and everything. When he came up with the whole thing it was hilarious.

Even JLo had to admit that the inclusion of Matt Damon and Tom Brady made the entire ad. In the commercial the two megastars go along with their friend’s boyband dream, being as supportive as they can during the ridiculousness. The ad ends with Matt Damon saying, “You know how I said I’d do anything for you? This is anything,” which was a hilariously improvised line by the Jason Bourne actor. Lopez said of Damon and Brady:

Matt was amazing, and Tom being in it, the fact they were all forming a boy band was so hilarious.

I think everyone thought this was hilarious, as the Dunkin’ ad has been viewed on YouTube millions of times. JLo also revealed that there was quite a bit of realism within the advertisement as well. While Ben Affleck may not actually be starting a boyband with Damon and Brady, the studio in the commercial was Lopez’s actual recording studio. In addition, much of the additional background personnel were people actually working on Lopez’s new album. So in a sense, Affleck really did interrupt his wife’s recording session. JLo explained: 

It was funny, because afterward we were in the studio, and I had all the people who worked on the album in the studio that day. [Ben] was like ‘I wanted it to be really real, bring everybody who made the record.’ So we’re in the studio and we literally started riffing. I’m going to release some of those clips of us making the Dunkin’ song.

The whole thing sounds absolutely hysterical, and demonstrates the vast amount of work and thought that went into the amazing star-studded Super Bowl ad. I wonder if JLo was actually embarrassed for all of her record company friends to see her goofy husband going for it on the beats for the commercial. This seems unlikely, as Lopez has always been incredibly supportive of Affleck and his creative endeavors. Additionally, Affleck is getting a very pretty payday from his Dunkin’ collaboration, so we can likely expect JLo to be joining him in more ads in the future, maybe even rapping alongside him. 

I personally can’t wait to see more ads like this one, maybe featuring more Boston-based celebrities joining in on the fun. In the meantime, fans of Jennifer Lopez can check out her new album This Is Me…Now, which is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also see her visual film that corresponds with the album, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, now with an Amazon Prime subscription. When he isn’t starring in Dunkin’ commercials, you can also see Ben Affleck alongside Matt Damon in their most recent big screen collaboration, Air, which is also streaming on Amazon. 


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