Kaltenkirchen TS gets no help, Eutin 08 is champion

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Written By Maya Cantina

Kaltenkirchen. Kaltenkirchener TS defeated sixth-placed SV Eichede II 8-0 (2-0) on the last matchday of the Holstein State Football League. However, Eutin 08’s team became champions with a two-point lead and defeated the relegated SV Henstedt-Ulzburg 5-1 after teething problems. But for the KT the dream of promotion to the highest division did not collapse. The opponent in the relegation is the SpVg. Eidertal Molfsee, second in the Schleswig relay.

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KT coach René Sixt was informed about the status of the parallel match in Eutin. The Henstedt-Ulzburgers led 1-0 shortly before half time. “It just struck me that the SVHU might be able to create a sensation and take points from Eutin,” said Sixt.

But when the next news came on the way to half-time, Eutin’s goalscorer Leon Dippert had turned the game around for KT’s title rivals with a double goal. “It’s a shame for us, but predictable,” said Sixt.

KT shows a mature performance

His team was not at all irritated by the intermediate results in Eutin. Just like the previous weeks, the KT team did its thing with many clear victories against Eicheder’s second team. “That was a very mature performance,” praised Sixt. “Eicheder’s young team looked for the offensive themselves and that suited us. We played well in the spaces we were given.”

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Max Spreitzer (11th/32nd) secured the lead at halftime with two KT goals. “We became more and more dominant in the second half,” said Sixt. This was reflected in six goals from Marten Soder (50th), Janik Jensen (69th), Josef Jueidi (77th) and Enric Nrecaj (82nd/85th/87th). Nrecaj, who scored two penalties, is ahead of Eutiner Dippert (27 goals) with 30 goals. most accurate striker in the Holstein regional competition.

KT in the relegation first in Molfsee

The exact schedule of the promotion matches against Eidertal Molfsee is still under consideration. “But it is clear that we will compete first,” says Sixt. The return match will probably, like previous home games, be played on the artificial grass on the Marschweg.

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Work has been done on the facility, but our lawn is not yet playable again“Since an employee at the construction site dug a deep furrow there with a tractor,” says Sixt. “But artificial grass could certainly be an advantage for us. We train on this surface and are a strong team on artificial grass.”

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Kaltenkirchener TS: René Heide – Janik Jensen, Marc Jürgensen, Ben Mügge, Lennart Pietsch (75th Lars Jung) – Marten Soder (68th Görkem Güvenir), Malte Pietsch (75th Leon Schwark) – Finn Rerop (61st Josef Jueidi) , Jannes Arps ( 61. Timo Gennrich), Max Spreitzer – Enric Nrecaj – Goals: 1:0, 2:0 (11./32.) Max Spreitzer, 3:0 (50.) Marten Soder, 4:0 (69.) Janik Jensen , 5:0 (77th) Josef Jueidi, 6:0, 7:0, 8:0 (82nd/85th/87th) Enrik Nrecaj – SR: Jannes Flaszynski (SV Holtsee) – Z: 111.


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