Kamala Harris Threatens Israel, Warns of ‘Consequences’ If Netanyahu Proceeds With Rafah Invasion (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Vice President Kamala Harris has warned Israel it will face “consequences” if it proceeds with an invasion of the Palestinian city of Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly indicated that he will invade the territory as his military continues to wage its brutal war against Hamas.

In an interview with ABC News’s Senior Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott, Harris confirmed she had “studied the maps” and that any military operation would be opposed by the United States.

“We have been clear in multiple conversations and in every way that any major military operation in Rafah would be a huge mistake,” Harris told ABC News. “Let me tell you something: I have studied the maps. There’s nowhere for those folks to go.”

When asked whether there would be “consequences” for Israel in doing so, Harris answered in the affirmative.

“Well, we’re going to take it one step at a time, but we’ve been very clear in terms of our perspective on whether or not that should happen,” Harris said.

“Are you ruling out that there would be consequences from the United States?” Scott asked.

“I am ruling out nothing,” Harris replied.

Harris was also asked about a speech given by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in which he demanded that Netanyahu step down from power, and whether she agreed with Netanyahu’s response that such comments were “wholly inapprorpiate.”

“I believe that we have got to continue to enforce what we know to be and should be the priorities in terms of what is happening in Gaza,” Harris said, refusing to answer the question.

“We’ve been very clear that far too many innocent Palestinians have been killed. We have been very clear that Israel and the Israeli people and Palestinians are entitled to an equal amount of security and dignity.”

Last week, it emerged that Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, was fundraising for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organization that recently had its funding cut by the U.S. over allegations of its ties to Islamist terror group Hamas.


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