Killer Klowns From Outer Space Director Wants to Continue Story in a TV Show

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Cult classic sci-fi horror comedy movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space has grown in stature over the years and even has a multiplayer video game in the works, but there has yet to be any kind of follow-up to the 1988 film.

Killer Klowns in a Different Space

That’s not intentional. Director Stephen Chiodo, writer/producer siblings Charles and Edward, and the film’s lead Grant Cramer have all been trying to get a sequel out there for many years. issues with rights blocked hopes of bringing that to fruition.

But Chiodo hasn’t given up hope for continuing with the story of the Killer Klowns. In an exclusive interview with SFX magazine, the director spoke about his plans to continue the film’s legacy.

“My goal is to do an eight-part miniseries for streamers. We’ve got a great concept that continues the story of our main characters,” said Chiodo in the interview. ”We’ll follow a new group of teenagers who come upon the clowns and meet a drunk living in his van – it’s Mike Tobacco. There’s a big invasion, and we end up on the clown planet.”

Chiodo then goes on to talk about a potential new addition to the Klown world.

”We have lots of great ideas about where this universe goes. You haven’t even seen the clown animals on the clown planet yet. There’s a whole world of things that we have in mind!”

Hopefully, the video game brings even more fans to the world of Killer Klowns, and gives Chiodo the chance to realize his legacy series dream.


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