Kim Cattrall’s Only Star Trek Complaint Was About A Lack Of Leg

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Cattrall recalls growing up with “Star Trek,” and was very fond of the fashions therein. For the three seasons “Star Trek” was on the air, the uniforms remained largely the same; color-coded tunics and black slacks for the men, minidresses for the women, notably for Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). It wouldn’t be until “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” in 1979 that the uniforms would be changed, and it wouldn’t be until Meyer’s 1982 sequel, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” that the red-shirt, more militant uniforms would be codified for the era. 

Meyer’s militant uniforms look nice, but they are also thick and boxy with high collars and multiple layers; there’s a Christmas sweater quality to them. Cattrall hated the thick-and-boxy look, preferring clothing and costumes that were more form-fitting and revealing. Meyer was a little bit taken aback by Cattrall’s request to show off her own legs. She said: 

“I told Nick I really wanted to wear a skirt, like Uhura, since I have great legs. He said, ‘Kim, if I put you in a skirt, people will be looking at your legs.’ And I said, ‘So?’ The uniforms are nice, but they were made in 1982 for someone else. I really wanted a new uniform, but when they fitted me for a costume they told me they couldn’t get any more material. I didn’t want to sweat in someone’s old jacket. I had to completely reshape it so I’d look like a woman.”

Cattrall didn’t get to wear the skirt, but one might note that Valeris’ uniform is indeed cut slightly differently than the other chatacters’. 


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