Kim Mulkey: Washington Post finally publish ‘hit piece’ on LSU coach despite threat of legal action… as former Baylor player claims she made her life ‘hell’ and targeted her after finding out she was gay

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Written By Maya Cantina
  • Mulkey had threatened to sue the Washington Post if they published the story
  • The 61-year-old is accused of treating gay players more harshly than others
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Kim Mulkey has been accused of clashing with players who openly display their sexuality and targeting a former Baylor star after finding out she was gay in the Washington Post’s ‘hit piece’ on the LSU coach.

Rumors first surfaced last week of the Post planning to run a controversial story on Mulkey, who threatened to sue the newspaper if they published information she regards as ‘false’.

Despite the threat of legal action, the story in question was finally released on Saturday – and it alleges that the 61-year-old treated homosexual members of her Baylor team more harshly than others.

Kelli Griffin, who played for Mulkey’s Baylor from 2007-10, claims her former coach made her life ‘hell’ and targeted her after finding out that she was gay.

While branding her an ‘amazing coach’ and admitting she only moved to Baylor to play under her, Griffin suggested that Mulkey drew attention to her clothes and issued her a suspension that would ultimately end her career only after learning of her sexuality.

Kim Mulkey has been accused of clashing with players who openly display their sexuality

The former point guard alleges that Mulkey began asking why she ‘dressed like a boy’ as soon as she arrived on campus at Baylor, while telling her that ‘a lady wears a dress’ as opposed to baggy jeans, basketball shorts or sweats. 

‘Okay, this lady might not like gay people,’ Griffin recalls thinking at the time.

Mulkey, a four-time NCAA Division 1 winner, is also accused of having a decade-long feud with Brittney Griner – once her star player at Baylor.

Griner, who spent 294 days in a Russian prison after entering the country with a vape cartridge containing less than a gram of hash oil, is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community after coming out as lesbian in 2013.

However, even that experience wasn’t enough to ease the tension between her and Mulkey, the report continues, after the latter allegedly instructed players to hide their sexuality and ‘keep your business behind closed doors’, Griner wrote in her memoir.

Another of her ex-players at Baylor, Emily Niemann, claims that Mulkey once urged her to ‘be careful’ after she was spotted in Waco, central Texas, with a woman.

Amid speculation over her sexuality, Niemann recalls her then-coach telling her: ‘It’s not a good look.’ 

Given Baylor is the world’s largest Baptist university, and its policies define marriage as between a man and woman, Mulkey told her to be careful as ‘the program would be watching.’

The Post’s report on the college-basketball icon also alleges that she ‘called out players if they gained weight’ and ‘instructed the team’s strength coach to conduct weigh-ins in front of the team.’

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