Kylie Jenner Reportedly Flew To New York Ahead Of Dune Part 2’s Premiere But Wasn’t Seen With Timothée Chalamet. Fans Have A Lot Of Break-Up Thoughts

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A whirlwind of speculation surrounding Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s relationship took a new turn with the billionaire Cosmetics mogul‘s reported trip to New York on the day of the Dune: Part Two premiere. On Sunday, the Don’t Look Up actor attended the premiere alone, wearing one of Chalamet’s signature red carpet looks, despite high anticipation of their joint appearance. This sparked a flurry of break-up rumors among fans. As a result, many internet sleuths and celebrity watchers have been piecing together the couple’s recent history, taking a deep dive into their last known movements and public statements.

A significant clue to the possibility of the split came with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum’s mysterious New York trip, tracked by the celebrity jet-tracking Discord server called Ground Control. The fact that her private jet arrived in the city at the same time as Timothée’s highly anticipated sci-fi movie premiere event got fans talking. However, Kylie was notably absent from the premiere, which has fueled even more speculation. Fans on Reddit have been particularly vocal about the situation, with user @highbyvenicebeach pointing out the silence from usually vocal tabloids.

That article was posted January 17th by US Weekly. That was also the last update we heard of these two. Weird how it’s been over a month and nothing has been said about these too by their usual tabloids. Nothing has been said since the Golden Globes. Deuxmoi even started posting break up rumors. Kylie flew all the way to NYC for nothing. Or maybe she knew she wasn’t invited so she decided to stalk him with her jet instead.

The story in question is, of course, a US Weekly article posted on the 17th of January titled: Kylie and Timothee Are ‘Madly in Love’: Inside Their ‘ Very Serious’ 1-Year Romance. Echoing @highbyvenicebeach’s sentiment, @NyroLabelle highlighted discrepancies in public statements. They commented:

Also, the only new info that was in that big US Weekly article, was that she would be going to the Dune events with him. That article was a mishmash of old quotes and old info but that Dune quote was the one piece of news. That she hasn’t gone to anything regarding Dune with him, after specifically declaring to US Weekly that she would, says it all IMO.

Since revealing their relationship in April 2023, the two A-listers have supported each other at events such as Kylie attending the Saturday Night Live after-party following Timothée’s hosting gig, the young power couple being caught cuddling up courtside at the U.S. Open, or showing affection at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, and attended the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards together, where Jenner won the Brand Innovator Award and The King star presented the Film Innovator Award to Martin Scorsese. Amongst this backdrop, User @Zest_Fest242 expressed skepticism about the beauty icon’s motives:

So she flew to NY for attention and to make people think they’re still together? Kylie, girl, you’re shining silver on the Titanic. Let it go😂.

Meanwhile, @shad3s0fc00l speculated on the future of the actor’s career and personal life. The fan had this to say:

It’s really over for her now because he has no more press to do and is going to be moving to NYC and Montreal soon for the bob dylan biopic filming. That starts in March. He’s done with her.

Some fans have pointed out that during his appearance on the red carpet in Seoul, South Korea, for the promotion of the upcoming Dune: Part 2, the Paul Atreides performer seemed subdued and possibly even sad. Enthusiasts have speculated that the reality TV personality and Wonka actor may have ended their relationship around Valentine’s Day, a theory sparked by the Ocean’s Eight alum’s social media posts. The Sun reported that the reality TV star shared pictures of the gifts she prepared for her kids on her Instagram stories and wrote, “I’m excited for my Valentines to wake up.” Merely days later, Kylie posted Valentine’s Day “thirst traps” that some speculated might have been to get Chalamet’s attention. 

As the Dune: Part 2 premiere buzz fades, Timothée Chalamet’s relationship with Kylie Jenner continues to captivate public interest. The truth remains elusive despite the rampant speculation about the About Face star’s New York visit and their relationship’s status. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, explore our 2024 movie schedule for upcoming theater releases.


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