L’amour toujours, pride month and broken promises: L’amour toujours, pride month and broken promises Imperial Weekly Review

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Written By Maya Cantina

It was a week of no-shows. For example, the German media has still not realized that hysterical excitement and excessive indignation in response to provocative young people are not the appropriate means to encourage young people to refrain from such behavior in the future.

Hardly a day goes by without someone somewhere in Germany singing the song “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino in the version “Foreigners Out”. Whether with a group of people on the tram or alone at a quarry, anyone who is young and rebellious – and “really wants to show the people” – obviously knows exactly what to sing to achieve maximum effect. There is always someone around who is so triggered by the essentially late-adolescent action that they call the police; which regularly results in state security investigations and major headlines about a new “xenophobic incident”.

Foreigners sing the “German party hit”

The courageous citizens and attitude journalists have now made the song such a big hit that “the foreigners” now even sing it themselves. Whether it’s for fun – while celebrating their own ‘home team’ in football – or because they know the now well-known ‘German party hit’ but don’t understand what the lyrics mean.

This apparently last happened in Cochem in Rhineland-Palatinate, where eight young women from Eastern Europe reportedly sang along loudly to a TikTok video at a birthday party last weekend, allegedly out of ignorance. So there seems to be some truth in the old marketing that says bad PR should be good PR. At least when it comes to turning the drunken roars of a handful of disco-goers into a viral anthem for young people frustrated by the left-green bourgeoisie of the establishment.

Attitude journalists popularize patriotic action

The same goes for “Pride Month”. The hashtag that the patriotic youth will use again in June to post German flags on social networks to respond in a “provocative” way to the countless rainbow flag messages that the convinced supporters and followers of the awakened mainstream in the context of the so-called ‘Pride Month’ has now even been included in the Constitutional Protection Report for 2023 that was presented on Tuesday.

Until now, it was mainly left-wing activists and large parts of the left-green press who had worked on the right-wing campaign. But US boss Thomas Haldenwang would of course not be where he is today if he did not know what the very important and especially powerful opinion makers in the Republic wanted to signal to him. However, anyone who wanted to use the action to protest such conditions seems to know this too. Especially on Elon Musk’s platform However, it will probably take a few more months before the other party understands why this is the case.

Where is the deportation offensive?

In the ivory tower of established politics, people still wonder how the AfD can be brought down again. After all, that seems to be the current state of affairs; everything has been tried, from insulting voters to branding extremism, through LGBTQ Pride and protecting the Constitution. The fact that the only promising remedy against the ‘right-wing populists’ would be to finally solve the problems they raise has clearly not yet occurred to those above.

Instead, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s promise last fall that deportations must now take place “on a large scale” is now increasingly disappearing into thin air. Like the ImageAccording to the newspaper on Thursday, only 6,316 people were deported between January and April 2024. While that’s up 30 percent from the year before, it’s still a bad joke considering the 242,600 migrants who will be classified as “required to leave the country” in 2023.

The classification of Afghanistan as a safe country of origin, which was often discussed after the AfD’s election successes – and which many citizens had hoped for after the recent knife attacks – also seems far away. No matter how much the (still!) powerful people have seen lately, they clearly haven’t seen anything.

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