Larry David ‘visibly annoyed’ by photo requests at March Madness – but still obliges! – and is seen stretching his legs over a barrier at UConn vs Illinois in Boston… but there’s no repeat of THAT Curb Your Enthusiasm scene!

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Larry David was in the stands at TD Garden in Boston on Saturday night, doing his best not to get too swept up in March Madness fever as he watched UConn play Illinois.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld co-creator, who trades off his affectionately cranky persona, was spotted stretching his legs over a barrier near to the court.

It was reminiscent of the classic Curb Your Enthusiasm scene from Season 2, where David gets courtside seats to the Lakers and accidentally trips Shaquille O’Neal over by stretching out his legs.

Fans soon spotted the 76-year-old and he was apparently bombarded with picture requests at the halftime interval, which went exactly how most people would expect.

Jordan Cornette, of NBC Sports, wrote on X: ‘Larry David sitting front row at half court here in Boston for ILLINI/UCONN. Was getting bombarded for pics to begin halftime. Was so visibly annoyed. 

Larry David was in Boston on Saturday night, watching UConn vs Illinois at TD Garden 

David was 'visibly annoyed' at being asked for pictures by his fans but still appeared to oblige

David was ‘visibly annoyed’ at being asked for pictures by his fans but still appeared to oblige

In a famous Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, David tripped Shaquille O'Neal stretching his legs

In a famous Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, David tripped Shaquille O’Neal stretching his legs

‘Was like watching a live performance of Curb right in front of my eyes. Priceless.’

Despite his apparent apprehension, one journalist – Trevor Haas of the Boston Globe – got a picture with David and recounted his hilarious interaction with him while sharing the pictures on X.

Haas wrote: ‘Me: “You’ve made me laugh more than anyone else over the years. Thank you.” Larry David: “Alright, you’re getting too close.”’

Video also appeared of David being shown on the jumbotron, and his response appeared to be to ask a friend why he was on the screen. 

CBS claimed David was cheering for Illinois against the Huskies, the defending champions.

He was apparently frustrated with their plans on challenging Donovan Clingan, according to the broadcaster, who said David could heard calling out: ‘Change your strategy! Change your strategy!’.

UConn ran out with an emphatic 77-52 victory though, blitzing 30 consecutive points to surge to another commanding win. 

Speaking before March Madness began, David – a lifelong New York sports fan – admitted to NFL Network’s Rich Eisen that he struggles to keep up with the tournament.

‘This tournament — how much can I follow in sports? I’m supposed to know who’s on Drake? I mean, this is crazy — crazy.

‘I’ve got the Rangers, I’ve got the Knicks; I can’t follow all these teams. How do people do it? How do they do it?’ 

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